Avoiding food waste

ABC News' Will Ganss teams up with celebrity chef Joel Gamoran to make creative and delicious meals out of leftovers.
3:46 | 04/18/19

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Transcript for Avoiding food waste
Every year 13 of the world's food that we could be eating gets lost their waste it and that's what point three billion tons of food. Every year so I decided to throw lunch part of my own TV chef and author told demery. Always thought at this track. The company repurchased some boots and my own fridge it's like to reduce my food waste. But first an appetizer Dole's nuggets of info on how all of us get a little more scrappy and our own kitchen. So when you start cooking at home always have a scrap cold water use. That would you have the from the actual garbage you have that he's too much use the freezer so the straps you should absolutely freeze if you want to make your caffeine habit a bit sweeter a lot of people make coffee. So you've coffee grounds are really good at the pension chocolate cake and make everything he's. Way way way more property if you've got fruit and your feelings fancy and it you have like rhymes the outsider roots of the credit. Now for the Maine go you can actually just put that at its water. And it makes it really predicts a hot water and for Prodi's two just come home get a wet paper towel roll them up the weapon herself. Put them with a plastic bags and then punch holes with us back to Greece and the state good for a two week. I suppose like one day told suggests doing the same thing with meats but in the freezer of course. Oh and if you got any sat looking Serbs Phil's got a hack for that to you could plunge into ice water. And just gonna give it thirty seconds and then taken out given shaken her back up and now for the main course Morton salt I totally teamed up were out of proper country. We're picking on refrigerators. Like yours where you workplace you know upper right now I don't meet an aspiring cook with next in milk culinary knowledge or. Yeah we're. I don't know what to different. That you know I don't really that I it's either side in the name of producing ways to I was ready to throw weight by either. I'm a lot of service that. And for the big reveals. That's not bad that thought I would be. Well there's a lot of beer bottle like to be use. Actual rights. We could use that salary and one maybe a little. Or anchovies. Potentially. Some sweet. That's a pop up that a that's correct awesome. So we're gonna make it kind of a kitchen sink Pratt writes that the right thing kind of with up with. Anything that you have leftover that's step one heating up the frying him volatile and I work on some other things that we can no. That we don't catcher by Philip quarterly. Everything that's happening. Little olive oil and that hand and filthy and a little bit of garlic. Along with our rights and some scallions and then something new and it costs. That vote all the we have of him a cat I'll leave it I'm out thinking I don't record may not so fast. I needed told finished at this we added the rest of our ingredients. And finally we plated or we try to. And what I'd sit up. If they're. We've tried a couple of eggs added some hot sauce and while law I can sell this and how long did that take it. Ten seconds Mike had second ten minutes Max Max but now for that taste test had been due to me. It rocks but honestly. They're not discriminating so good.

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{"duration":"3:46","description":"ABC News' Will Ganss teams up with celebrity chef Joel Gamoran to make creative and delicious meals out of leftovers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"62481359","title":"Avoiding food waste","url":"/WNN/video/avoiding-food-waste-62481359"}