Former 'Bachelor' Contestant Found Dead

Gia Allemand was found dead after an apparent suicide attempt.
4:11 | 08/15/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Former 'Bachelor' Contestant Found Dead
And we start with some sad news -- Altman who was I want -- -- of the -- -- ABC show she. And apparently succumbed to her injuries and passed away -- nine years old was found in -- home by her boyfriend NBA player Ryan Anderson. And she apparently attempted suicide and unfortunately was successful she died earlier today. That she lasts. Critical brain and organ function. She's in critical condition yesterday she was rushed to the hospital after being found unconscious in her New Orleans home on Monday -- her boyfriend. And -- her boyfriend today speaking out saying I am deeply grateful for all the love and support we have received from family friends and fans -- was the most beautiful person I knew inside and out. As -- always smiled and made everyone else around her smile so sources are telling. We're relationship troubles that they may have been headed for a break up no telling the heading to do with the word obviously what she decided to do. And you. What family is saying is that she passed away peacefully her mother boyfriend. Along with other friends or by her side -- I'm fortunate and I won't change the apt to be sad story to report their -- nine years old. Passed away very areas which -- us talk about rock star quarterback Tom -- yes scary moment in a scrimmage game against the yen on Wednesday night. He hurt his -- take a look sort of team worked out Bucs defensive end Adrian Claiborn Russia's. Brady and yet was all battle for players lot of -- are -- rocked back -- It is an anti. He was able to get -- walked off under his own power that video from TMC bottom right. Now -- Really really look bad there was a lot of people speculated that -- might be over for season but the MRI MRI that is on -- and he shows no structural damage a person with knowledge of this -- told USA today sports. And the person who spoke on condition -- and adamantly. Since patriots not revealing these results -- -- is considered day to day with a mild sprain. So apparently he -- -- damage to that let me in 2008 so there was a lot of concern I think patriot fans get a feel a lot better in fact. This is true that it's only indicated that scared to hate to see this happen ever but in pre season and the like are you kidding me. So there weren't that bright red thing to say like okay I'm the guy you don't hand on the guy don't had -- Mel Gibson didn't work if you are any being nursed back to help but I'm glad that he's opposes our. Yes going to be up he wins and he's rich Hollywood is going to be a -- -- the -- Every other -- you've got to -- action. So -- to be doing to winner who do you and that -- giants and had him up. I remember everybody so prince is doing to unfortunately his sweeps her love then and then fall. This was one of the first -- he eats meat out of us out didn't Ritchie said he did I had too much pepper. -- -- looking salad and yes prince united way too much pepper fast and then he. And that some idiots don't feel like -- -- -- out. Wherein he needed and that -- for Clinton just smiled but anyway there added -- -- on. -- -- follow if you -- and I -- kind of -- that I beat Princeton Twitter anyway hopefully he's not mentally you know kind of -- clothes and home heating over the media got a little. -- -- you know I got a guy like prince just pay somebody -- fascinating tweets her death. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Currently she reaches a divorce settlement this according to celebrity baby scoop dot com no -- socialite who is having -- -- maybe settling that enforcement Silverman the attorneys Robert Cohen and Bernard -- state -- the matters been resolved parties have moved on. And Andrew agreed in a statement saying has had settled law my priority was resolving this quickly for the sake of our son they were married death for ten years and a seven year old son. Name Adam. So there you go team that baby mama drama involving Simon Cowell. That goes -- And apparently she has no plans of moving out to LA which is there Simon is based so she's staying put new York and -- -- that night --

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{"duration":"4:11","description":"Gia Allemand was found dead after an apparent suicide attempt.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"19965761","title":"Former 'Bachelor' Contestant Found Dead","url":"/WNN/video/bachelor-contestant-found-dead-19965761"}