'Bachelor' finale: Becca Kufrin is the new 'Bachelorette'

Becca confronts Arie about calling off their engagement. ABC News' Jack Sheahan weighs in.
7:16 | 03/07/18

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Transcript for 'Bachelor' finale: Becca Kufrin is the new 'Bachelorette'
Big pity for him today at another emotional unpredictable season of the bachelor is in the books. With lots of drama are believed to be just what we thought this was going to be a little boring at the start of the season then comes Ari. And now comes Jack. Our senior global chief bash our analysts contributor thank god it's over here. Well I wore my helmet because I knew it was going to be a little rough last night we we should remind everyone broke out how we get into all of this. Where we're at here circuit Ari has dumped Beckett K. And says he wants to give it a goal would Lauren be OK one last time into the breach. Roll that beautiful bachelor boy yeah I. We start off in Virginia mistakes are ahead don't nervous breakdown. Before he met Lauren be at the door there. He says he basically told her ya wanna second chance and I want more and be back in my life that's what he said. She as eloquent as ever said you got me. De. Really. I stand one you already talked to on the phone and not deliberately it would Becker to be talking before showing up at her house that's right and then and a and it like it was all is suspended around will she take me back and then had a panic attack outside a on very solid ground from the word go. OK and next I got to hear from back up. She is she called the whole thing afford to watch. Include I know you mean girls. Weighs about that decision knew it or it was struggling through the whole thing but didn't know how ports out that was gonna go that it makes the scene. It basically throws himself right onto the bus okay and that is our first sound bite of the day. I do regret. Or Brett proposing that day because I wasn't. Fully ready and why did you. I think the pressure of this the pressure being the bachelor knowing that there's a time line. And having to make that decision. On that it that's on me is totally on me tree. So and so Ari also apologize deck of forgave him since she wants already be happy. Total class by her through the holes tenable gift that's a pressure I feel I'm my wedding day they don't. This whole time line all these people don't. I have to say hi in the medical letting my height and I know exactly what the media ready to pounce if all right next. Loren V. Gets in on the act. She says she's never been more in love with the Laurie. For whatever reason. They both say their journey has been worth it to. While it better be because of this bizarre sick did sound bite of the today. And I wanna do this informant ever on. Because I want to show you for the show Obama's long time ago. Oh definitely. Bob say god surprise it is they definitely did that can. Whatever the new happy couple. After after this whole thing was over what they want on Jimmy Kimmel show generally send. Well. They said that they're already been they've already been planning their wedding. That the plan is for lord indeed. To move to Arizona's offense is good news some remodeling some redecorating. Minorities Playskool. Does better already moved and she already had her Andrei brightly and I got original bathroom get all the educated you're out of there drive anyway. Even hours after all that's been down this is still trending on Twitter lot of reaction to all and people are reacting to it us weekly tweeted that Neal lane is like. How many rings are we gonna give this yeah. 10 effect but the audience reaction to the whole engagement saying I heard louder applause and olive garden brought out more breadth. I don't blame you. Bonus skinny because there's a lot more to talk about with the bat sick. He's noticing that hot rod and left. I'm waiting for the Atlanta on the car exactly says spinning bonus round after analyst Jack Sheehan still with us. All right so we had to break up we had an engagement but they're not finished yet won't know. Last night's episode when a little bit further. That means we got Laura all. Yeah we'll bachelor voyage. To a new bachelorette is that surprise surprise that picked. Others season with the Beckett K the crowd went crazy. They case we've all forgotten. Back AK 47 year old publicist. From Minnesota there's been an outpouring of love and support for back to Kate especially after the artery. Fiasco. Yet. She says she is ready for love Andy Beckett k.'s. Sound bite of that daddy. You realize you're the bachelorette. And. At the end of the day the show is about finding love that's. All I wanna do I have so much sought to give and so. Just hard yet tolerance what it means the world to educate educate follow that up she said she wanted to be the best damn bachelorette she could beat. That's all it can't be alone let's do it I think it's too soon but haven't I don't you just got. Dumped among also early part are you as ancient history I have. We're get a car next assault they want dogs. Being introduced some plus five of the dudes who are got a five for Beckett plays hard that's Lincoln and he said like the president he. Late in the first got to Cano called already awake here I don't know what it yes that we had chase this is Ryan with the band show. He's got to go maybe he'll get drunk on the first I'd get him out of here is cool Darius was there and then we had Blake. With a horse whose name I'd if I were called correctly was Bradley knew the horse program yeah okay. Let's hope that the horse doesn't make it all the way up to the following up the driveway to the mansion. The bigger problem anyway he said he wants to help but get back on the horse for a tenth. And there's Bradley. Yeah slightly better on the hearts even as she has sky high slit your question is a good sport got up there the bachelorette for better awards begins right here on ABC. On May 28 that is memorial days of anybody sober enough. At the end of Memorial Day weekend to check out the bachelorette. Deanna Goss of the bats are premiered on New Year's Day and restore recovered from now Clinton right now. Analysts out but not both will see grandma we're seeing today. What do you got that right.

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{"duration":"7:16","description":"Becca confronts Arie about calling off their engagement. ABC News' Jack Sheahan weighs in.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"53575944","title":"'Bachelor' finale: Becca Kufrin is the new 'Bachelorette'","url":"/WNN/video/bachelor-finale-becca-kufrin-bachelorette-53575944"}