'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 3 Premiere Recap

Chad returns and wreaks havoc with his drunken antics.
3:47 | 08/03/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 3 Premiere Recap
I'm now for the skinny. And topping our headlines this morning it. He is back. And he's acting even more obnoxious than Ever-Glory time or not next. Overnight Chad Johnson of course the lascivious authority who came to an early end on this hot season of the bachelor. Last night bachelor in paradise season three premiere at. Featuring all the former castaways from the bachelor and bachelorette and hooking up with and does starting each other in an outpost and dizzying rotation but. Despite the expected that losing bad behavior chat managed to get himself kicked off the show this season premiere mind you. After his most drunken shockingly offensive base. He's kicked all written a spoiler for me I have lots at the climax was when he announced. Human quote murder everyone here kill your children and murder your family maybe he maybe he should they'll. About his acquitted justice came up you Chad costs that drug areas lovely on the golden and welcome to realize he had. Sold his trousers yes yes that's when they just it's true slam his trousers. That hasta. The crap news has yeah that's at least that is what is seen as a way worries that there are bachelorette analyst. Our the next what she says she loves her body and wouldn't change a thing about it. We're time of the world's number one ranked women's tennis champ she's gracing the cover of Self Magazine just in time for the start. Of the 2016. Olympic Games in Rio where she is that to team up with her sister Venus. For the doubles competition Serena Williams even took time out during the shoot. To share her tutorial on wait for it to war paint. Kendall you need from. Latin and bled to death came up given a clean it all like this proving that one. Net no no. Producers yourself remain nameless said that anything at his arraignment particularly good talker I heard that I don't want to say that on air I heard that booty. Nothing I read that could. I do pretty that she's kind of and you know as far as they're voting on yeah and did she tells the magazine she's often people don't like her body she just off. Immediate need only fair or not because she's been influenced the girl who doesn't look like Paris and she won't turn to feel good about her. Fabulous and I'm confident commented you're not tutorial in office only get this down. Right next to an actor who says he's not getting enough love. Zack have from tells Britain's Sunday Times he's struggling to find a girlfriend that he blames it all his celebrity boot crews Zach brought us or red are flat out and to add to do. Difficulty of carving at a dating life in Hollywood he's claiming he's too hot to trot. He and I thank you out front even admitted that no one has swiped him on to you continue to hinder and what is. And yeah under I think these sand based on his photo and thought it was think I guess I wouldn't you. I mean that could be an explanation the 28 year old is newly single after splitting from his girlfriend in May after two years. Of dating. Back in the game. Stay with us right back.

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{"duration":"3:47","description":"Chad returns and wreaks havoc with his drunken antics. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"41087888","title":"'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 3 Premiere Recap","url":"/WNN/video/bachelor-paradise-season-premiere-recap-41087888"}