"The Bachelor" Promises a Season of Intrigue

Men and women stay glued to their televisions, watching the premiere of the "The Bachelor."
3:00 | 01/07/14

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Transcript for "The Bachelor" Promises a Season of Intrigue
Welcome back -- can -- this skinny. -- glitch here TV you know that was last night you know I don't admitted I was at I didn't cash into I think I'm not ashamed to admit as a monument actually -- -- -- it is upset I guess I have never seen that many angry women women gained those roses -- And explosives on their facing them over and. Now it looks could kill our -- you ahead to talk to -- little bit more that's that is my future husband locked down hey it's affected all my. But I did talk a little bit more about classmates -- the bachelor we want to admit our chief batchelor court. I'm cutting edge. -- wasteful as. However my friend you -- All -- hopeful hearts and I'm slogan over the national championship game -- but I -- you have another priority yeah what was we're watching the bachelor of home. Last night as well put them back and forth to the you know between the game and stuff like that puts -- wanted to square away my new title. Is senior bachelor analyst -- Me let's get that straight okay all right and finally got to change the graphic about Manila there it is -- -- senior analyst. I won't work -- that would work. Our last night's episode we had some -- this. Shockingly enough the weirdest moment I thought came when Juan Pablo -- there is getting a less -- From Amy -- It was a -- -- -- that was creepy. -- and how creepy stuff Jamie -- see -- she's gone. It -- US special -- that was weird about that was that was weird but no two ways about it Amy -- headline. We're. Chose another more weirdness. Short -- shortly and she was shocked to receive the first impression rose. She was almost giving -- back. -- -- She didn't know we don't know what to say about this she can only she did she looked into it she's an opera singer she's been living in Germany forget about it and it was always gonna list -- rights that we get prosecuted chime in here. You've got some favorites and you've got some odds on the honesty decommission the senior bachelor analysts. Is now -- project the winner of this season's. Bachelor you're calling it this early this early written eight. 32 year old this year's 32 year old real estate agent from Florida -- -- from camp but. That is Juan Pablo those. New wife what do you think she's -- I think she's -- most normal person. On the show which isn't saying which -- this very much but at this point Judith she seemed cool about it until got a thank -- single. And he singled to right so you're I think we've got to Brady Bunch thing my degree from the donor and there's a whole Florida thing -- the dark posted -- -- -- -- a little about running. The contest right now is for second place but what circumstances such as eighteen women last nine -- already been sent home. Syria not right here by the way to sell -- -- -- and sent home thankless job. Well I -- you on that -- -- -- correspondent address whatever Jack thanks for joining us. All right one last thing before we go -- -- skinny Michael did you remember him yeah famous directors. Directed transformers and if -- -- bruises while. He was appearing at the Consumer Electronics Show west and he was giving a speech we -- -- we have continue to -- -- giving a speech and he has a meltdown. And dumb what I tried to do resigned as a director I try to. The type fizzle sorry but on -- -- this. She's -- I'm sorry I'm certain. So apparently what happened was he's leading to the teleconference and it broke -- Anyway just gave up rolled down guys brought all of us are -- Not working -- -- I don't acting I'm leaving her and I'll hold on the -- -- activity but --

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Men and women stay glued to their televisions, watching the premiere of the \"The Bachelor.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"21444871","title":"\"The Bachelor\" Promises a Season of Intrigue","url":"/WNN/video/bachelor-promises-season-intrigue-21444871"}