'The Bachelor' recap

Arie takes the women to Florida for some fun in the sun. ABC News' Jack Sheahan shows us who's left competing for Arie's heart.
3:25 | 01/30/18

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Transcript for 'The Bachelor' recap
I have heard our report. And I and makes them handcuffed and. I don't care. This is going to be crazy. Breezy. Lou. So after. It's going to be. Crazy have nothing to do brought. I was with that Peprah bush just summed up last night episode of the bachelor. Our Italy is headed to Fort Lauderdale for some fun in the sun crystal and again -- attention. Storming off and stripping down our chief senior global bachelor analyst Jack. Watching the episode and through Walt afterwards. The kind of person but I know I live. He amazingly he's six amazingly though he knew what was gonna happen. Death for real Jack Sheehan Mari season of the bachelor poll always getting rid of them fast. Anyway it is highly critical time to get that went on Wednesday. An art and Chelsea. Would you like to go on and they are. Oh my god Chelsea ability for one on one. Finally and then if static about it but it didn't take long for the drama to restart and watching Tom. I think he down. Meanwhile Washington no they don't let them. Giles is not make it to woody friends. Time for the group date the winning team it's going after party only on yeah. Losing team goes back puts out one thing that was expected drama. This one trying to get in on the act to. The move upset because they feel like the way crystal has conducted yourself recently has been some people the wrong way. I thought about it and I feel as little unfair. Tyrone here so I feel like we did that Vietnam. For that had some work coverage. Q any gives other girls. This Chelsea she's got some sharp elbows. On the way home crystal literally like lobster in. I was I suppose it's like a lot of the girls parents don't operate they have a problem. An entire lowering myself to Tracy today. Rose ceremony time Mari Mac and ladies and CN. Does the final rose tonight. Time for some to head for the door she never stood a chance. Let's hope all the research is coordinated. Analysts out. Current temperature below the hair out he acts as a week Jeff Redick forgot. A very important bit of information that discount discount get this out we're is against it out or go it down. That's cool oh my how. Does he even still haven't hung wow I'll be noting kick just don't crystal beading kissed her so no. But kiss twelve others. Yearly market he was tired after that he was no water when he came back for another season of the bachelor.

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{"duration":"3:25","description":"Arie takes the women to Florida for some fun in the sun. ABC News' Jack Sheahan shows us who's left competing for Arie's heart.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"52699842","title":"'The Bachelor' recap","url":"/WNN/video/bachelor-recap-52699842"}