'The Bachelor': Week 9

Colton now has to make some hard decisions in his fight for love. ABC News' Jack Sheahan breaks it down.
3:02 | 03/12/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'The Bachelor': Week 9
Yeah it's time for this hit. It's true park back but now we have live team coverage for the all the developments wolf gave a standing behind the back for bunker we have to start with our chief. Singer. Legendary that's our analyst Jeff she had to do what you better believe love hurts this was always going to be a difficult episode last week we left Colton. Wandering around the Portuguese countryside. In the dark. So that's what we'll sort again. Roll that beautiful bachelor footage. Hold it. The search for Colton. Wandering around in the door. In the child we're gonna look for on the 2030 minutes and I'll call the I'll have to called police well theory is that it took his escape attempt failed. And for my principles and. Lucid I love you and she says I love you too could play. Colton Beckett the hotel until last night really did change I was. Falling rotation. And I was following them with an. I film overcast. Better go some to show how. In my heart I know I can hope to people. And her to someone else. I love it's he can. Let's take this behind closed to. Yeah. Warm up the minivans. Station needs a ride. Opinion a jury's still out there and think in the trip thing Chan chi town clock and that I and a ten Colton needs to have a chat. Cassie the analysts predict emotional. Those that readied. This is so hard. I'm thing about it is someone who loves me warm up the van energy needs are ride. Colton packs for Cassie packs her home equivalents. A life sentence him the silent when someone saying now I can't make a commitment. Holmes couldn't give this one last trip. CN everything. And well that knock on the door there that's where they left it last night will presume. That test he was inside and shoes gonna open the door but we'll see what happens tonight. I'm gonna be at all with a fumigation suit and an oxygen mask if hopefully it'll go terribly wrong. Analyst out oh out next things jacked.

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{"duration":"3:02","description":"Colton now has to make some hard decisions in his fight for love. ABC News' Jack Sheahan breaks it down.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"61623240","title":"'The Bachelor': Week 9","url":"/WNN/video/bachelor-week-61623240"}