‘The Bachelor’ week 5 recap

The gang all head to Costa Rica, where Peter is forced to thin out the field. Our Chief Senior “Bachelor” Analyst Jack Sheahan has all the dramatic details.
4:00 | 02/04/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ‘The Bachelor’ week 5 recap
If getting stars of Latvia myself because I'm because they. There was drama Iowa and there was drama on the bachelor blocked by episode was crazy. Joining us from somewhere in this building at our chief senior bachelor analyst Jack she hand Jack Moore drummer who. Obama no doubt I mean it was a given let's put it that way we left off last week Peter had a big problem on his hands have to bring a layup back into the fold. Sixteen women store the episode last night. Bob Hope or roll that beautiful vessel footage. Still in Cleveland. Peter's got a big decision to make a bad a layup. I just passing students parents and take it back then come five words every woman loves to hear who are here now. Just in time for the Oscars a layer gives a performance that would win her. Best dramatic actress. That's coming. Standing you know the thing the academy loves their. I'm Peter doesn't warm up the SUV. Slowly and needs a ride the I don't want to think of any more time the matter. Rose ceremony time ominous bought from Tammy I don't ignorance. I'm going to sell the building and fire and real ladies have to say goodbye and good go to goes there. Go and international. Rob start down the airport Peter hotel camera. Captures their pay cut. One on one we finally learned something about Sydney and you are that this is there. She gets the rose. Of the waterfall and a hand gets the group date rose. Do you have a homeless mean Jimmy tells you they just don't like each other digging yourself away to cry about. Much drinking and popping pills time drug cocktail party away. We're gonna have straight into the rose several. As we said. Parents are the story began can I talk to you some people need to have a chat and something that was senate could take another one and Pastrana is having his company down all right all right hand down the road through Morse and so GN and Alexi. Kids now it is now kiss cam was not present. Third cheated. Thirteen that's a record for those counting. That was great to this was a three hour ordeal. I mean episode last night. Here for those counting only boldly yes it's a ten women remain in this whole mess so we'll see how that goes well another episode Wednesday night. That means we'll be back here wherever this isn't. Thursday morning and on that note. Now and are not Jack not yet not yet not yet Zack wait so we find about the big moment yeah. Cutting out his forehead yes there was a there was the surveillance video there the whole thing. What it as dramatic as you're expected to be after all the hype about it of course it wasn't enough. It never really is a direct this one little thing and three hours so you watch the super ball. Sunday night you saw that last night which was better. The Super Bowl was miles better. Anybody right resort island and web that your signature out there. On that note analysts doubt about it very and it's and it's gone.

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{"duration":"4:00","description":"The gang all head to Costa Rica, where Peter is forced to thin out the field. Our Chief Senior “Bachelor” Analyst Jack Sheahan has all the dramatic details.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"68744345","title":"‘The Bachelor’ week 5 recap","url":"/WNN/video/bachelor-week-recap-68744345"}