'The Bachelorette:' Brooks Doesn't Go Back to Desiree

Chris proposes to Desiree on the finale of "The Bachelorette."
3:12 | 08/06/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'The Bachelorette:' Brooks Doesn't Go Back to Desiree
Welcome just getting a lot to get to -- a little bit timers starting with the bachelorette that you don't wanna hear it needs the television now with your spoiler alert happening this second cell. Jim -- come back to sweep Deseret -- -- Now he did not but somebody else did they brought her feet take -- -- From your first. And relaxed. Chris and Desiree will set off into the sunset. But who knows that but -- rapper also evident batchelor has been announced she was -- up on the six. Episode it Juan Pablo -- added. He was on fire and one hello his very -- -- -- very charming -- at least one public and he's a close eye on what is more -- dormant. All right. One -- change my name except one pop though aren't Lindsay Lohan now hosting at Chelsea Lately we've mentioned this in yesterday's getting well let's give a listen or opening model giving up. So I've been through a lot lately and I a lot of people to think for that most notably the celebrities who get the tablet industry alive -- my -- and yeah. Anthony -- earth. But -- -- -- texting plan. But after that one person is more vulnerable than she. But that's coming to -- said she was -- fantastic in the monologue she got good reviews -- who looks good trick. Okay really -- a lot of set up you're seven months ago. And Matt Damon came on to -- became -- kind of took over the show so he tied -- to -- on the back and he was essentially Jamaican -- for the night he did this whole bit there he is about to show him. Gagged and bound. He took over the show well it's all because he doesn't like to be beat in any thing. And got his revenge and he sent his -- the security guard Guillermo Rodriguez has happened last night. To crashed a press junket where Matt Damon was trying to have -- there is some decision about his new movie the life. They don't you put my movies. You can do it -- for your movies that you have from moving. Movie. Keeping you only act so what does movies. -- -- -- It's to -- is -- student by the way and is too good that and it's believed he had makes you think so there you have it. -- they got there they had their revenge Jimmy Kimmel by the way and Matt Damon -- -- -- going on for quite some Tustin. Areas it was -- -- now they're also -- a great chemistry. All right Oprah that picture says it all out not sure where -- giant three and a half pound weight tell. I sat out of -- cover for -- magazine. Or to basically described it is carrying around an extra -- -- -- wish -- could say it was all mind but now in fact it's borrowed like Garrett have -- had big up. That's pretty cool to grade she looks like she is right and the seven lead a half pounds worth.

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{"id":19879011,"title":"'The Bachelorette:' Brooks Doesn't Go Back to Desiree","duration":"3:12","description":"Chris proposes to Desiree on the finale of \"The Bachelorette.\"","url":"/WNN/video/bachelorette-brooks-back-desiree-19879011","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}