'The Bachelorette' season premiere

Clare Crowley embarks on her journey to find love. ABC’s Jack Sheahan has highlights.
3:25 | 10/14/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'The Bachelorette' season premiere
Meantime and let's get right to at the start of another season on the bachelorette. Our bachelorette Claire. Probably had to wait a little longer than usual to start her quest for love. Is underway now Leonard chief senior bachelor analyst Jack Sheehan joins us with indeed tells Jack. Welcome back we missed yeah. Mota will I miss you guys do I get the big room here to myself this is really something else. There are a lot has been written so far about mullah written and said about this season a bachelorette the analyst. Has not read or listen to any other. Bob coming at this isn't completely cold and hot a lot of it. And saw or row led beautiful bachelorette footage. First looks at this stage I've been looking for love my turn my. Claire Crawley bachelor franchise is veteran we've seen her before. Cool I'm letting him take care. Palm Springs ready to meet the guys. Who 31 Deutzman has seen planning and some. And verbally and others are urgent journey was taken place in a bubble couple of former football players and two guys named Blake. Fill in named easy. And I guy and Clark growers Walt's car. More from him later a scene inside the first nights are all of talking to the guys spend such a crazy place yeah there was plenty of that and I just went. Gotti and general. I know something. That nobody else knows Tyler C abusive. I know the girl she says doesn't show RD and me let's get cleared goals to give a girl think she's your girlfriend now. And none what's it going to be a girl pulling up sand. Its idea. Possible drama for a drama city I have nothing to hide. It's time for the first impression rose. Will you accept this I will accept this. Danielle gets the first impression rooms. Need guy is seemingly cut we'll never know. Kids in June kids count them like kids can't pull an upset. Soon. Yes so so two on the kissed out Claire obviously has some warm enough to do on that the previews for next week in the rest of the season. Two things guaranteed at least plenty of drama cloning of hijinks the analysts will make his traditional pick. After next week's episode in the event will survive. Until then everybody stay safe. Analysts doubt. Jack love that way is it hurts that I hope circus out of Logan you know the pandemic single and nervous as we all should be but I will say. Sliding in India and never nabbed her a good idea and got to do it though Riley on the road code of like hey man and this guy's head and read it he was he was nasty about myself.

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{"duration":"3:25","description":"Clare Crowley embarks on her journey to find love. ABC’s Jack Sheahan has highlights.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"73602229","title":"'The Bachelorette' season premiere","url":"/WNN/video/bachelorette-season-premiere-73602229"}