'The Bachelorette' week 5, part 2 recap

Hannah struggles with her emotions as she begins to question her presence on the show. ABC News' Jack Sheahan has all the dramatic details.
2:35 | 06/18/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'The Bachelorette' week 5, part 2 recap
It's time for a stadium we're starting with the real raw genuine drama on. Fast track Hannah with. Let's face some tough decisions involving her man our chief senior bachelorette analyst Jack Sheehan has the details step without well I'll tell you what we guys have you last week and that it was a run it's been a rough season on the bachelorette so for and it's not getting any better and last night. We saw some of the proof. Brawl. Yeah back. She. Still in Scotland. And that trying to decide what to do with Lou beaten. ERS tonight he doesn't make sense. Luke. Serving under him turn. A La loopy. Shocked. Confused. And walking around in the woods. Nothing's imminent stopping. I just see her own life. Death. That's what I want. He's back. More rethinking. I seriously here I want to move mountains for you and I hit I find. And answers she so wants to be here. So here so. I'm going into the rose emirates US disappointment. Among the others play any of yakking at the cocktail party so what did you say dude just what did you say ten is frustration. Growing. She lays down the law stock. I'm a grown ass woman rose ceremony time. Three dudes on the way out and these wounds. Let's move this party either Riga Latvia while the boys a red drinking beer. Hanna struggles I don't know how this works for people I thought I can I thought it did more. Kids count kids count. Like kids can't stop that won them. Yeah so really weak on the kids count this reduces so pretty weak episode overall probably one of the worst ever if I call it beautiful exactly what exactly that's why it was not beautiful bachelorette footage it was just bachelorette footage. So just for the record nine dudes remain in this whole mess. Including the analysts pick Kidd. There is going to be a whole rest of the season the previews prove that anyway.

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{"duration":"2:35","description":"Hannah struggles with her emotions as she begins to question her presence on the show. ABC News' Jack Sheahan has all the dramatic details.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"63779583","title":"'The Bachelorette' week 5, part 2 recap","url":"/WNN/video/bachelorette-week-part-recap-63779583"}