'The Bachelorette' week 4 recap

Tensions flare as two of the guys get physical on this week's group date. ABC News' Jack Sheahan has all the dramatic details.
2:24 | 06/04/19

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Transcript for 'The Bachelorette' week 4 recap
I have risk get a starting without battle Roy out last night on the bachelorette the answer Dave's named Luke. Getting physical on the rugby field. And our own chief senior bachelorette analyst Jack Sheehan predicted the whole thing. And then something going and he's not here so we have to say we'll roll that beautiful backs let's say. Bachelorette. Episode before you guys are heading into Newport, Rhode Island. I believe the Beijing behind. Don't know much about Boston except that they there but the heat is the body of water there that he. Well let it all Mike Doss taxation without representation of what did that girl safe I don't know act like its clients she's gotta go. He analysts picked jade doing well they got out fine line in America seriously. Pursuant moon. Yeah. And that hurt. Oh that's gonna need treatment could beat a guy to be. He's super aggressive play I think he's sometimes it feels figures are changing grows amongst the men. Stable guys. We'll hope and Islam the cocktail party for the third day. You made us is pissed me hello. You left you the press. Body slam me a little rugby match the fact that he said here is falling eleven thereafter. Possible nothing that flags come up. Like he's always talking about his friend and his record company and I've never heard talk you. Kids count kids can have kiss cam. Four. I we have to give a really big shot out to Jack for just knowing how to do all he knew what to expect tension among the men. Drama at the cocktail party. Jack is a genius are fortunately though the world we'll have to wait until next week to see who comes out on top and a little peeved verses and who could ask Appleton.

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{"duration":"2:24","description":"Tensions flare as two of the guys get physical on this week's group date. ABC News' Jack Sheahan has all the dramatic details.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"63471328","title":"'The Bachelorette' week 4 recap","url":"/WNN/video/bachelorette-week-recap-63471328"}