Back-to-School Fashion for the Head of the Class

A fresh look at the hottest clothing trends for the classroom.
4:43 | 08/22/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Back-to-School Fashion for the Head of the Class
It is that time a year millions of kids across the country ready to hit the books. But first they will be hitting the stores in this morning we get a glimpse of some of the hottest back to school trend. We can expect to see in the classroom this year joining us now is Macy's vice president fashion director Stephanie -- house and Stephanie welcome back to the show. My daughter who's going into fifth grade when shopping for her school closed today so this is a perfect segment everybody around the countries -- it. Perfect rattled shelves I worry about gusts from third grade he's -- personal. -- right yes let's bring -- you -- Tell us all about -- -- -- little wind -- Help Asia wanna help a couple of days ago -- race hasn't hit something like those sneakers a -- -- a lot of the secrets of absolutely said. That is represented one of the most important trends for fall and united utilities. -- -- camera flash it's about cargo pocket. Trying to your point -- -- little needy did you like being there and give it to me I didn't think it. Yeah cargo pants and from -- friends as well we'll teacher very cold in the pockets of the loss of -- and the buffalo and Jack camp with a big pockets and that. Cotton cutting you look back to look right -- for school has gone out why does that come from my work. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- looked great -- it's great we have Sydney next right. To -- red -- -- and how can you. From Sydney he is looking to Iraq her stay she just pray at a motorcycle -- absolutely is sent here that's trying to tell about a lot of or flat or in this case -- The electorate has welcomed us right -- again I love him and I'm not a jacket and Sunday telegraph polite yet and then mixed media third -- and went. That little leather picking up and then she's ready ticker Jack -- I could get what's on the back. -- literally nice is that greatly overly Obama fabric -- Cindy you're pregnant model yeah conventional moves absolutely. I think it's gossip a -- from -- that city is working right now we get -- next wanna take it is going to six -- -- -- to. Yeah -- and take offense is actually. I'm forty utility wants to hear cool that would love it here about that jacket from Levi's and -- -- get back to distract them. And then also -- from Nike is about the conversational French news of -- exact moment. The loving and in the talent he letters and then converse sneakers -- -- -- -- -- right -- but I was. I say that absolutely thanks very -- -- police say this is the look for celebrities musicians and -- a middle schooler -- and I think. Thank you. Right next up we have Rihanna she's going into eleventh -- that a free on -- There yet all -- -- so it's not absolutely that we can't have it sporting a lot from these individuals with what -- -- -- that -- the so here it's all about print and pattern thanks so we're loving the color black sweater over -- little dot. With -- and they helped him immediately departed friend also from fox. And then when my favorite huge do right by the Oxford as it is an insect colony that what -- -- -- -- -- -- national -- that's actually see writers and transparency all right. -- is ready go to college satellite at the. And as -- exactly. Also an excellent job -- and the and hey we have teacher one outlets in the aggregate Stacy is a first grade teacher kimono Stacy. -- -- Coleman pulling up guests -- gonna be. The next contestant. Yeah. In this -- they'll actually to -- her previous statement that. Safety and the sporting a look that's menswear inspired some eleven. -- jacket here from -- -- -- MacKey -- his lyrics. Explosive brand at least via. And the Taylor boyfriend jacket Albright he looked tearing -- very loving all of start here. And there are a lot of them authority top underneath and a -- -- Fantastic I would have yet just like got qualified this -- back it seems kind of classic kind of casual eloquently put it where -- -- in my. And kids it's all about mix and match classic. With the moderates -- come on out everybody. The year ago. But the whole class I'm telling you this is. -- all right here right now I have very top of the class. Stephanie thank you very might make them appreciate you want to thank all -- lovely model it's such a great job he could find all of these fashions at Macy's. You're watching world news now everybody it's.

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{"id":20033830,"title":"Back-to-School Fashion for the Head of the Class","duration":"4:43","description":"A fresh look at the hottest clothing trends for the classroom.","url":"/WNN/video/back-school-fashion-head-class-20033830","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}