Back to school with 'The Giz Wiz' Dick DeBartolo

"The Giz Wiz" Dick DeBartolo gives us the scoop on what's trending in tech this fall -- just in time for the new school year. Featured is a tech-friendly backpack, a foldable light-up keyboard, a multi-use charging apparatus and more!
3:54 | 08/24/17

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Transcript for Back to school with 'The Giz Wiz' Dick DeBartolo
Well it's almost time send the kids back to school and what other way to get them ready than to gear up their gadgets so this morning and look who's here are gives a list it's Dick DeBartolo joining us to show us some of the really unique gadgets. That you found to start school year when asked. Only this is really fun I would do this on Amazon when it came I said where the pockets. And I really you're covering something else that we're going to reveal. What are revealing but I I think unpacked I realize that comes with a free rein caught. No rain so that if you running shooting range just put this in the backpack in and throw it on when you go outside that's amazing. It also. Has hidden zippers so it's gonna be more water repellent than you would expect. Has a place here for a laptop up to fifteen point six inches fell out with something else unique as he USB cable here. And there's a pocket for you to put your external. Phone charger. And you plug the US the into the phone charger. And then if you're in class and anything such running out of power you have US. Be out on the outside of the back. So you can charge it while it's still sitting in there you don't even have taken out exactly that's the exactly and this guy is under forty dollars that's great I love this even for our little ones my little one is eight and I would love to get her to cover things in the regular girl on a scale perfect that's from an attack. Blotter students are going back to school with Ike heads and tablets no laptop. But there hog the tight bond so this is from I clever it is the tri fold. Let's do one fold out here when we got here. It becomes a full sized keyboard. Who love and it's backlit very obviously we're gonna run a little video so you can see in the dark you can add. Green peas break he's balloon keys but I can tell you for an experienced the green keys breed the brightest to the eyes should that purple gets a little dark seven accents it also comes with it also can use USB in case you haven't device that doesn't have. Bluetooth. And this is also under forty boxes it's just for a Mac a district certain to. It is for when you when you first set it up you tell if you using it with a with an iPad. A windows machine or an android and it adjusts some of the keys leave it's great it's great. Might tell lodge. How clock. Sea. Now the new phones have US BC. Right and see is the plug where you can put it in either side let me just get that out here and and. Guess it's not specific to one direction yes exactly and carry it carries twice the palace and this is micro USB. A full year with the Al at top. It was time the joint it is a fold out flawed and could. Sex craze so for multiple devices do you think it's actually come I talked to you can charge three devices at once while this is George one device. But this is clever idea so you going back with lots of different. Devices shortness is USD. Mike grow this is US BC. For actually that's a lightning connected that she was BC just plug that on. And then the one cable conceived through three different business. Right so it's just one charge in a matter what you have you've got the right exactly and it's apple approved because that's one of the most frustrating thing that you're looking for the right charter of the nineteen you have to have harassed this. This covers three of them and our final guy is taking one plug in the dawn for not only turn it into four plugs but also in the front there. We had four USV. Plugs. And it's eliminated so you can tell that he has Powell will you plug again and it comes with iTunes recharging caves. Says Perkins of the dorm room. Excellence gray argues Liz Dick DeBartolo so much for joining us this is great stuff. And you can find these and more gadgets on Dick's website he has list dot biz at on our website WN and bands dot com.

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{"duration":"3:54","description":"\"The Giz Wiz\" Dick DeBartolo gives us the scoop on what's trending in tech this fall -- just in time for the new school year. Featured is a tech-friendly backpack, a foldable light-up keyboard, a multi-use charging apparatus and more!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"49393643","title":"Back to school with 'The Giz Wiz' Dick DeBartolo ","url":"/WNN/video/back-school-giz-wiz-dick-debartolo-49393643"}