Barber on a bike

From Machu Picchu to Paris, meet the barber who's redefining the meaning of customer service. @willganss is having a great hair day with "The Velo Barber"!
3:19 | 10/16/19

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Transcript for Barber on a bike
This is not a typical haircut so we're gonna do like a nice feel it's certainly not a typical barber shop and tell us and Julian Howard is not your average barber. He's getting a haircut outsider artists from DC to Perry and forget about here date Julian doesn't have bad days in the period. When you ever occurred here in the matter we're matter can be in my speech to and the to Mexico or anywhere like outsider even here in Brooklyn make. When I'm coming here from my passion should fellow barber as he's known setting up shop where Everest bicycle takes him. Taking the train with some slow so one thing led to another that. It was so fast and more efficient for me to read my bike my clients' houses so this is my bread I biking Barbary biking environment. I can Barbara doesn't sound as nice and then one day in my bed of lake. Watchers say they'll vote spike in French that's cells really nice to develop over so boom I have a name out LaBelle Barbara. Armed with a stylish nickname an old Akira barber might need which Julian keeps in his backpack. The fellow barber is totally mobile today his client is call and hustle and his office is underneath the iconic Brooklyn Bridge. Red Sox know all right okay by the go to stop right. Just (%expletive) out of don't walk away. Do you feel like folks are. Especially connected to you because of where you do what you do yes I saw him leave because they are inside it's fun. We are outside and here there are crazy please that extra into the home with someone and literally be a lesson that person is not gonna. Bonding over not just here now over this the occasion when it would streets getting although of late reactions raw emotion. They. It's a beautiful thing. But Julie and hair styling wasn't always so glamorous. He got into the business and less clocked circumstances. He started cutting hair in boarding school to pay for as fast food eventually. I was getting good at it that went in the Pittsburgh can lay that I'm making I can. Are using to go to the mall sold might murky when it became my momma momma they became weakened when it. Now he's making big bucks and has some killer clientele. Darren Criss David O yellow low Josh Groban and today's client understands why Julian is in such high demand. I would recommend admit anyone that is accessible via bike. I'll be seeing him for sure. Julian says one day he wants to cut hair in outer space KE line you hear that. But for now back on the ground in this barber shop packed neatly into his back fellow barber is liking to his next appointment. So whether it's in a garden or in front of a sunset you know who to call for a cut the next time you really want to let your hair down. So if you're planning on booking a fellow barber in a location like underneath the Brooklyn Bridge her you know much impeach you O'Costa about a 150 bucks procession. His cuts inside an actual barber shop run at about a third. Of that price waste all location a 150 dollars. Not a lot more I did not let your candidate the experience is you know experience and come winner. That's going to be pretty tough. To let his bike around them. Criteria haircut outside of the winter here in New York it's really into custody you heat from your office. You stepfather applicant scratched. The gun went back got yours. If the candidate at about important thing.

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{"duration":"3:19","description":"From Machu Picchu to Paris, meet the barber who's redefining the meaning of customer service. @willganss is having a great hair day with \"The Velo Barber\"!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"66312681","title":"Barber on a bike","url":"/WNN/video/barber-bike-66312681"}