Barry's Book Report

Barry Mitchell shares his top book suggestions.
4:17 | 12/26/17

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Transcript for Barry's Book Report
Com and pigs and family members although wet Albany. Banks. This help. That is our Coca maestro Barry Mitch shows singing our show's special theme for more than 25 years and apparently is a funny man who also likes to read books. Especially if they are books written. My funny people so if you have a bunch of Amazon gift cards burning a hole in your pocket or maybe you wanna return some eager Christmas gifts. Frank got this lovely Christmas weather from Donna here in hair so we won't be returning this gift but some you may be less happy. With your gifts and so Barry has some great book suggestions. You know I love show biz memoirs especially those written by comedians. What drives someone to live a nomadic life seeking the laughter and approval of strangers. Here are some of my 2017 favorites. May be you've never heard of comedian Doug stand out on the stand up circuit for over 25 years he's earned a loyal international following. This is not fame is obscene down and dirty but stand hope is a thoughtful and intelligent truth teller. It's actually illiterate entertaining read. Now comedian Todd Barry no relation doesn't drink doesn't smoke or do drugs but. He'll tell you where to get the best burrito in Spokane. Thank you for coming to Hattiesburg. Won comedians tour of not quite the biggest cities in the world. Of course the granddaddy of all comedy clubs is the improvisation. Founder Budd Friedman along with co author trip Wetzel talks about how it all began in a former Vietnamese restaurant in New York's hell's kitchen. In 1960 degrees. Here it is the im proud and oral history of but comedy club that revolutionized stand up. And by the way Rick Newman what are you going to write the definitive history of catch a rising star and Whitney Cummings is best known for her killer spots on the Comedy Central roasts. She also co created the sitcom two broke girls. I find it reassuring to read about comedians messed up personal lives so I enjoyed. I'm fine and other lies. It's a funny self help book her vicious zinger is once made Carmen Electra cry causing Cummings to reflect. Jokes are like knives you can use them to cook a beautiful meal or you can use it to straight up stabbed people. Now in political comedy check out got to take a breath. The awkward thoughts of W come out bell tales of a six foot four African American. Heterosexual sis gender left leaning asthmatic black and Platt proud blurred the that's a black nerd mama's boy dad and stand up comedian. Well that's all the time we have folks now. Bell describes the time he attended a Ku Klux Klan cross burning for his show united shades of America. And although published last year I do want to mention this one. Picking through the ashes my life as a stand up in 1980s comedy boom by rich shy there. This is what it was really like warts and all. Finally. Frankly speaking my life in show business by world news now is frank the money. The hair raising site I adventures of America's favorite news mascot. Published by hopper Collins. Happy nibbling. At the frank this is good stuff. To get out and say I've always had a nose for news. I can sniff out a good story a mile away and it's great. I love the those with folks on the back on. OK it is of the the people who are endorsing does not reviews from his privileged perch atop the anchor desk frank dishes on the true behind the scenes story of world is now. That's from Roger Rabbit francs contract dispute went all the way to appellate court. He didn't carrots all the good stuff francs.

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{"duration":"4:17","description":"Barry Mitchell shares his top book suggestions.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"51997496","title":"Barry's Book Report","url":"/WNN/video/barrys-book-report-51997496"}