The Battle Between Wives and Their Mother-In-Law

Studies list the causes of friction between wives and their mother-in-law.
3:00 | 11/13/12

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Transcript for The Battle Between Wives and Their Mother-In-Law
I know this is gonna come together shocks you -- did you know that there's a lot of women that don't get along with their mothers and I am stunned. By this. Well thanks to people at one poll and their hard research for basically stating the obvious 40% of us don't like their mothers in law. And here's a couple of reasons why global most of us have -- out of -- easy relationship. But that didn't number five. Giving your children it too much junked -- -- -- report criticizing your mother reads cannot get that number three declaring it not to. We didn't like that and -- -- that number to -- acting like they know what's best as -- number one reason. Like -- -- -- -- sharing their opinions and how to -- to a couple other staff. One in ten currently not speaking to their mother and volatile bitter argument and 50% have come close to ending their relationship over friction. With their mother I just want to say Janet -- I -- I knew that was coming news that -- has gotten. This is losing two more women now have driver licenses in the United States and -- -- so there are more license -- out female drivers than men now they did this study from 951995. To 2010. And they said basically look at the numbers are the numbers are some more women drivers -- there'd -- these days. Which could have an economic impact because women are more likely that man. To purchase smaller safer and more fuel efficient cars to drive unless -- have a lower fatality rate. Current distance driven so could be governor roadways. -- more women out there. -- -- Time. Country low. Yes -- -- but we should get to our favorite story. Humorously as if -- looking to -- a little this market here around me and how about this an artist has launched that there called love is our kids between 6800 dollars -- basically what you goodbye. It's a big can't miss in a plastic sheet. And paint and you roll around on -- can't -- and and sheet. That's your making as you're making love yes and that's bids is the title of fact. It's slippers that movement and you don't want to miss our allotted. Comes with a plastic sheet to roll on the floor underneath especially -- candidate I have. At bats yeah they flyers and paint -- of the city leaves your body or -- You've been painted around -- across the campus trading day he -- -- also ripped -- or create. By love love making process they have all the games but this isn't the -- seven yeah yeah yeah did is something that they did get him anywhere near -- Afterwards -- -- outfit but don't it's never too late to protect your stroke so -- program -- --

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{"id":17705609,"title":"The Battle Between Wives and Their Mother-In-Law","duration":"3:00","description":"Studies list the causes of friction between wives and their mother-in-law.","url":"/WNN/video/battle-wives-mother-law-17705609","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}