The Beatles Arrived 50 Years Ago Today

Bruno del Granado looks at the impact the Fab Four made when they landed in America.
3:00 | 02/07/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for The Beatles Arrived 50 Years Ago Today
Welcome back it is an important weekend in music history. Fifty years ago today it beatle mania began when those for the lads from Liverpool landed in New York. Boston Tea Party. 8000 screaming teenage. You guessed it. And just two days after that they made history on the Ed Sullivan Show music and media consultant. Not -- -- here with more on the -- fifty years later thanks so much for joining us this morning marks. So before we get to talking about the Ed Sullivan Show let's talk about that -- we just sign when a huge moment that was. They arrived on some February hits and 3000 screaming fans can't -- waiting for the cold day -- -- 2000 into the and there are several hours. -- -- -- -- wouldn't -- everyone out they hadn't yet appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show why all of this energy all of the straw they actually already had a number one in December 2 months before that I wanna hold your hand which is their first single released in the states went to number one. So there was anticipation nobody had actually seen them live but they heard about The Beatles on WNCAA and -- all of all of a stations of ABC. So there was a lot of anticipation here is especially in New York in the tristate area OK so walk us through -- that. Famous night on the Ed Sullivan Show. It was five songs. -- length about eleven minutes as you -- -- to what happens longing. And it was sheer pandemonium. The ratings were humongous 74 million people tuned in that night. It was the most watched. Television performance in the history -- television up until that point. To this -- it's one of the top ten most watched non sports television performances this year -- and you see the -- -- Francis -- meaning there. Belongs in their hearts out cookbook for these four -- -- And any overall reaction to that performance well and still in love them. He even read on air telegram from Elvis Presley and colonel Parker saying congratulations welcome to America. And -- was a big fan of -- you discover them a couple of months supporting England. And those two weeks that The Beatles we're here in the states he had only on pat them on the -- three consecutive times. This time that we're -- -- -- the only candidate with live in the -- no other time was like the first kind of February 9 with live. -- second week which was -- from Miami was also live -- was on the sixteenth. And then the third time it was pre taped before they left back to England. -- incident how did this all impacted their career going forward and their influence. Here in the US -- two months after the excellent performance -- Beatles had the top five singles on the billboard charts its huge nobody ever done that before nobody's done it since. The -- have become the most important. And music group of all time culturally historically musically nobody even comes close to what the Eagles have meant. For this entire generation. And globally it's not only here -- sold over 200 million albums. And of course influencing so many other artists as well right absolutely to this day you look at artists like new one direction for example who are probably. -- this generation's Beatles well not really. But they have shades of Beatles in the whole. Haircut the fashion that pop songs in the -- although that's up to the stating keep influencing new acts and they will continue to do that for many many more years to come. -- -- -- thinks so much for joining us this morning.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Bruno del Granado looks at the impact the Fab Four made when they landed in America.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"22404867","title":"The Beatles Arrived 50 Years Ago Today","url":"/WNN/video/beatles-arrived-50-years-ago-today-22404867"}