Find the Best Toys for Summer Road Trips

"Toy Insider Mom" Laurie Schacht shows which toys travel the best for car road trips.
4:27 | 06/25/13

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Transcript for Find the Best Toys for Summer Road Trips
It is an annual summer tradition loading up the kids taking a road trip but sometimes being cooped up in that car for hours at a time can make kids pretty miserable. -- inside her mom Laurie Shaq is here with some ideas to make the trip a little more pleasant and wouldn't that be night. As I know. I came from a family of seven kids -- packed into a station wagon and we got the classic if I have to. Pull over I -- I am very. -- you know what it did -- think to take a family trip like that but yes there it needs to be some thought going into the first I agree it definitely makes cities -- like. When you're sleeping someplace new -- the evening -- -- -- the environment changes a little tough sentence saying it's called tweak -- to go out -- to go and tell little black depressed it's adorable. It lights up and blue or green and you -- fishing starts all around the room it's just very soothing music victories like familiarity to gain that. That a splinter easy -- but I bet when you got in that car then you -- hand. Every Thomas Hungary -- on -- -- state of course cinemanow had to go to the map and read -- -- Seven makes it great lineup of products. This is our cargo case -- this -- a snack case -- it's got a different compartment sure once you close it it airtight -- orbiting -- specialists handle so we can let our kids carry some of their own things. And -- sipping cups we have -- monster cut -- -- hand was actually built in. We have our sit cops we can take the -- -- -- kids get older. And they are all leak resistant and these plastics of the kind of plastics that -- -- Tuesday would have -- They are that covers annual dishwasher topped saint perfect now your parents. Also told all -- you'd agree a backpack or something and certain things at a specialty. So I. Found that we're great with my -- like the dinosaurs got Arizona and I status or backpack the suspect need it opens up so this -- actually becomes a playmate. Up late at that -- -- -- -- but what I love -- I would say to my kids OK every minute treatment crane and make sure you have paper. Bring things that are important and it -- -- dependent because taking carry themselves. And of course that straps on the -- -- that you aren't aren't it's easy that there -- -- back that's a really great ideas. Now we do need things at a very soothing. I love this this is -- -- today. I think this is one of the Muslim student with guns so you have our -- -- blanket here's our -- buddy blanket -- just really now -- is this blue -- must -- for dude. It could be for boy or girl it doesn't matter anymore I think that -- wonderful for her girls and boys and I think it's also the kind of thing that he'll always take with them and checks no matter how they get great games. We need to bring games on the road they should be portable they should be small should be easy to carry and they should be allowed to get distorted yet. In whatever packaging to make -- -- -- -- the peace this think about when you're in a restaurant waiting for the food to come. What a great time to pull the game no doubt -- -- we have parents -- parents this is great because it's good for younger kids and older kids. Pretty kids we'll just find letters maxed out letters and words older kids will start having building words kind of race is so it becomes challenging much harder. Let's -- -- right is that classic game. It it's so easy and not sit packed with -- rebel against -- it's all about throwing the dice the chips and moving center left or right. Whoever has the most chips into the game wins the games can -- -- for the game and the whole family -- -- this kind of -- We also have kids that loved to have it -- you with that her so this isn't that an Alexander baby she's beautiful. She is -- -- from the eighty couples line mean she has sleepy eyes and -- soft body. So her high school the eyes closed -- got right it's one of those things that kids want to bring with them and of course they want to carry their baby just like mom and dad who never carry the suspect parole. -- -- -- Up fourteen to seventeen -- stop. We've all been with the kids when they have their devices it could yes it's all about the -- in the it's just whether -- -- music games movies we don't know is what -- hear what they're listening to. So this desperate they make great head -- an ear plugs. I'm and we have our storm -- here we have our -- all the upstate what I. I love without them besides the fact that -- pretty and they're soft is eight volume control on it which is great significance -- -- that hit. -- there it comes to inspect and despite the fact that they -- whimsical and fun and young they actually work well actually where almost actually market rate. Yet as -- great to have Laurie excellent ideas we sure every candidate. Thanks to our toy insider mom Laurie -- visit WNN fans dot com.

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{"duration":"4:27","description":"\"Toy Insider Mom\" Laurie Schacht shows which toys travel the best for car road trips.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"19480055","title":"Find the Best Toys for Summer Road Trips","url":"/WNN/video/best-toys-summer-road-trips-laurie-schacht-19480055"}