Best and worst airlines

"The Points Guy" Brian Kelly analyzes the best and worst airlines as Americans take to the skies in record numbers.
4:18 | 04/20/17

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A record number of Americans are hitting the air this year for spring break travel and that basically means more people exposed to the best. And most cases the worst thing to airlines in this country so. What are the best and worst appoints guy is how with their annual list anti PG himself frank Kelley joins us. This morning. With that good morning thanks and being better than me now there are a lot of people who would say that there are no best airlines when it comes to domestic carriers what you guys say that cited case not a terrible and what we did with this survey was we tried to look at data so we looked at what matters most consumers and when it comes to flying consumers care about price. Dollars saved money in their pockets of that was the number one factor of this survey but that's ID can still have a lot colada bad when it comes to price. But anyway that's your input price we can just look at airfares we also looked at feast is that you know now of the air fares just one small component of the total cost of travel. But we look at other things too like cabin comfort. Lounges. You know how much of a route network you know how much an airline can get you where you wanna go. As well as missed baggage and some of the negatives as well so we blended that all in to you. A number and the results are pretty interesting all right so let's talk about the top five best airlines here in America number five on that list going backwards American Airlines guests myself. American has a really grates our route network and their for gospel choir programs actually pretty strong enough it's 10% of our sports American did well there lot of people rave about jetBlue. Yes meantime sued jetBlue has the best cabin comfort so that's where they really excelled you know flying an economy that I'm six foot seven and I actually fit in depth look Connolly which was shocking happened that it is grocery charisma subject we did really well for customer service and cabin comfort not so much on price of just lose a little bit more expensive than people realized absolutely filled virgin America's number three on the list of best airlines but we'll skip them for now the kid is dirt. Good to cease to exist in essence by merging pursuit of a little funeral right now from virgin America you know we our but United Airlines this is shocking to me as if we're to this was the biggest. Shock to me as well I trust me I crunched the numbers. Again and again to make sure but united actually did really well price Weiss you know and it it may help that they recently launched basic economy fares which they stripped out everything out of their fares. Which may have actually gets it because they give you really cute little or not there had not everyone and he's given immunity fares and in their new players business class and also very nice little and many decay as well yeah I United's really upping the did you know united for years was kind of struggling yet if that's lawyers can this it's their new amended because. But this is our the other half lives yet price wise Unita did pretty well we're and they also of all the major carriers of the the best for him for a program as one united miles are among the most valuable for gunfire Mirant miles out there is Eric area. RA I used to use them but through Canada. Air Canada's Canada's. Africa flyer program so the number one best airline in all of that. Then all the land all of Milan Alaska Airlines Alaska Airlines which combined number three birds and it looks like they'll be poised for a yes that's again next year but. They're just an all around good carrier really strong customer service. Friendly flights really good prices and also. Did you really well on fees they don't doubt you nearly as much as other carriers and need to go through recently the bottom feeders here number six on the less. Is southwest then delta and of the seven point airlines is one of the worst airlines. What you know or through this is Greg feel really bad someone had to come minute no hey if it but you know their fares are high now that I think back to be held against pockets there you know. The medal in the Pacific. They have good really good they're number one on time. Via. Airlines yet for the fire programs just OK in a row software itself if he can't really get that many places Frontier Airlines. Frontier and spirit came in at the bottom. I can't agree more about why do you say Circuit City they'd charge you for fees across the board debtors aren't even that cheap they cram you end. And that's what we want consumers look at when you seek cheap airfare. Not all of these airlines are the same and if you're gonna get nickel and dime you might as well splurge a little bit extra by an airline that actually treat you as a human ball that's this is the golden age of travel. This is in my opinion so many people would disagree intensity get a Teddy bear. I hired Greg Kelly the points guy thinks are being here with us.

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{"id":46905626,"title":"Best and worst airlines","duration":"4:18","description":"\"The Points Guy\" Brian Kelly analyzes the best and worst airlines as Americans take to the skies in record numbers.","url":"/WNN/video/best-worst-airlines-46905626","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}