Big companies cash in on April Fool's pranks

Starbucks, Tinder and T-Mobile are among those that took advantage of the prankster holiday. ABC News' Will Ganss reports.
2:38 | 04/02/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Big companies cash in on April Fool's pranks
That's can't get enough of that video. On April Fool's Day festivities from the oil or they only one block the companies got in on the action to our own will Ganz is here now with more I mean I can just sit here and watching you getting scared out another million times that now I'm not a time all right well it wasn't just dead from accounting with the jokes or your dad re using the same francs from 1984. Everyone got in on the A propose action this year from tendered at T-Mobile. Big brands cashing in on April Fool's Day but let's start where I wish every news story started without the. Outlets to new concepts or was launching exclusively for docs puppies and coffee too good to be true. In April fool's jokes root out by Starbucks. Tourism Australia also pulling off a cobalt lady prank convincing followers that some baby swallows are bored with the leopard print bird a little less cute. The American Kennel Club could set announcing this new breed joining VA Casey silver coated couch terrier. US open also pulling a dog gun prank announcing they're adding puppies to the ball person team at its when he nineteen tournament. For the first time all of reads welcome. Just everything you touch. He's a winner and from puffy look of true love. There's an app for that gender announcing a height verification that. You know that guy here chatting too isn't 59 when he says he's 61. T-Mobile to using a portable phone Booth which only slightly resembles a cardboard box. Got an appetite for more McDonald's introducing the hash tag seeks not some new milk shake flavored sauces to get your prize or nuggets into. Hello fresh keeping the tricks and treats sweet staking out followers with the announcement of the unicorn fox. Complete with pixie heats up Kerry fettuccine and political tacos. Or this frozen food company announcing gender repeal mozzarella sticks out cheesy. That's a lot of people fooling so if you need to sit down the process Sullivan decided to back one. Which is tragically also. The let's get to mean that I would have values that. Not stop a 100% yes I've the knights who don't condone and I regret and that's just for that. Good old christened there. I wished I there's a wait for the camera to capture what will and I just said between diet I look the next Madonna. But then that John can the trunk you couldn't stand in front right and they've had never been set before on this program so there you go big god you're here.

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{"duration":"2:38","description":"Starbucks, Tinder and T-Mobile are among those that took advantage of the prankster holiday. ABC News' Will Ganss reports. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"62109853","title":"Big companies cash in on April Fool's pranks","url":"/WNN/video/big-companies-cash-april-fools-pranks-62109853"}