Big Opening Number at MTV VMA Awards

Find out who won, who lost and who shocked the crowd at this year's MTV VMA Awards.
5:23 | 08/25/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Big Opening Number at MTV VMA Awards
It is skinny time plus a bonus sound coming out but we're -- begin in ally of course -- last night's MTV video music awards. Always a spectacle last night's opening number did not disappoint. Arianna ground they kicking -- the show would break free. Joined by human eyes and Jessie. And look at Mickey what she's doing here -- -- -- -- Twitter for so many many reasons but I won't I think because of the flight -- -- malfunction. Because -- cannot hold a little black dress shots and sixties having to do it quicker hands walking around move. Yeah doesn't get ridiculous strap. Every 100 wondering. The show -- and -- -- -- -- 72 delay in fact it was not last year everyone talking about Miley -- working here with Robin thing obviously in. Yes and last night Miley shock the audience again but this time for all the right reasons. Her video wrecking ball won best video of the year. It's a look at this isn't sending a homeless man named Jesse -- to -- accept the award for a person familiar to us and it just tearing up. As -- explain -- accepting the award on behalf. The nation's told you so tell me -- -- this is also helping to change. See who didn't mention what a difference -- here all -- and I am you can check out -- FaceBook page for details on how you can help -- very important and dear to her heart -- Let's confess that Empresa. My eyes -- volunteers so beyoncé first -- putting on a great performance at medley of songs and her latest album yeah. -- What it is incredible the -- that -- kids just sparkle sparkles but. All we had been a moment of the night now hubby Jay-Z M -- two year old daughter who lives a warning beyoncé -- -- Michael Jackson vanguard award. Take a look at I mean this is just I'm. I'm Rachel look at that tears of emotion talker twelve between the power couple no sign at last thank you -- calling -- his beloved. Good to -- the inmate of course are also known for outrageous fashion last night. -- Yemen as well of course you never know their awareness thing right seemed like anything goes on the red carpet this year a lot of denim Katy Perry and her pal Rick -- Decked out in shade the -- some people are comparing this to you Britney and Justin Timberlake -- they -- that went. That's right and everything Mozilla cantenna -- also in -- -- her Wednesday. -- keep on Twitter can turn into an ice skaters -- Think just seeing my -- Cyrus Lattimore covered up in some area is recommended very -- -- -- And Jennifer love men -- -- for actual down still looking smoking and not enjoyable lots of skin. Lots of leg there's Kim K also not -- -- do with MTV made -- -- the content maybe. Not living up to the imagination -- top -- Published on more -- time now why not. It left my MTV video music awards dominating -- -- wildly decided to come with -- other headlines on this Monday morning Steven Spielberg. Unfortunately -- is sad headlines as a late sir Richard Attenborough was passionate about everything in life and he has passed away at the -- and wounding. During his six decades -- actor he appeared in about seventy films including Jurassic Park which Spielberg directed. -- -- also played a role behind the camera. He added seventeen films earned a best director Oscar for Gandhi say -- he was director fantastic -- Amro was knighted in 1976. Had been in poor health for a number of years Nancy said sir Richard -- -- passed away the scenes in the movie. Certainly a big loss for the entertainment world and that's the one who. Who got away from Britain's. Prince Harry gets just three weeks from his thirtieth birthday areas likely feelings I'm paying the bittersweet regret here over his former girlfriend Chelsea daily. Who admits and its friends admitted that -- he admitted once before -- friends confirm had been one of the great loves of his life. Yeah well Chelsea she's -- Dodgers have to reveal the -- she is engaged to society jeweler Charles good. They just completed romantic vacation in Africa and truck reportedly popped the question to Chelsea where -- atop -- mountain peak. On Harry's friends describe Chelsea has the right girl wrong time for him now unfortunately. Talk about the wrong time here perjurer who they think it can't move it along get a -- on this one. Derek C thinking Larry is now a new mom -- -- revealing -- web site that Ava grace is -- last Wednesday at home. No other details were given and. The baby's daddy shared hope ray room Keebler wed last march in Mexico she including broke up in July 200213. Apprehended the two years and then immediately started dating this new guy and all the -- just -- maybe he's just. Right now why do some -- many actually aren't that giant -- -- Tiger Woods and revolver in her outright posted this on his trip to -- job and I'll call a wedge. Now and it seems a little familiar well it is -- doesn't. Uncle tiger was working at the same way and I can look Nike commercial like in 1999 Diana it hits the long after a dazzling it looks very similar. Not bad at all in fact the whole -- Stanley great golfers than like. Very cool very I mean -- -- commitments and genetic and we clearly. Dominating the world of golf and recently he was too I think on television giant. Well never start to relate -- -- -- -- updates on FaceBook at WN fans dot com.

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{"duration":"5:23","description":"Find out who won, who lost and who shocked the crowd at this year's MTV VMA Awards.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"25110022","title":"Big Opening Number at MTV VMA Awards","url":"/WNN/video/big-opening-number-mtv-vma-awards-25110022"}