Biggest Moments from the Golden Globes

From teleprompter flubs to big wins, check out the most talked-about moments from the Golden Globes.
4:05 | 01/09/17

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Transcript for Biggest Moments from the Golden Globes
Christmas at the skating with the Golden Globe ten it was an interest in show last night. Well the laughs we're pretty much slammed into high gear at the get go it host Jimmy Fallon. Highly produced star studded opening number featuring the late night host boosting the opening up a lot lot land it was a fun opening to it and it even had Fallon doing a romantic slow dance with them. Justin Timberlake and I'm but it was right after that opening act that the shows suffered its first technical glitch. Thank you thank you so much everybody. This is one into the Golden Globes. Already the glove rob it down to this the day away. That is now I could do. I did you read that the second you imagine what are we doing there. I can think is that they have cut to Justin Timberlake believe that he'll go visit as we get Theres something out. Yeah this is great we have another monitor him in I could just you know I'll make of this month. Yeah. Performers can they now we can I not had lived haven't the hasn't prompted on felony didn't show many times we can to stop and say oh yeah. Yeah look at a citizen I. I expect I think he didn't want my carried feel left he can even think of America choke off the top is that it two I was advertising dressing it's kinda showed. Jimmy kept Fallon there. So presenting the award for best animated film in the meantime Kristen Wiig and Steve grove remiss about their favorite. And animated movies that they were side. As we all love animated films do you remember the first time he saw an animated and I do actually very well mom. It's kind of a big deal I was six years old. And my dad took me to see fantasia. As we were leaving the theater there. Standing in the lobby was my mom. And that was the moment she told my dad. That she wanted a divorce. Steve crowd can deliver a high I have absolutely malaria funniest moment of the night and timing. By the way there were winners that we should point out and leading the globe's film awards was at La La land winning every single. Of its seven categories I was nominated for the record for the globes including best actor running dot. Saying yeah I mean they had me at Ryan Gosling an outstanding warrant that got to go Jeff's gonna watch it about the sound and Emma Stone as well our earliest epic coming up back golden gloves should have been accuracy as ads it. Where of these now that's an analyst and producer Matt Nalco has given. His full attention sadly two fashion this is the gets first of Meryl Streep in my interpretation she looked okay. Matt says she positively dazzled in what can best be described as a stained glass dress in. If. Get up front to back floral design I can't is being sarcastically said that it was asking how to hit up next anymore Matt called it a very fair share down in the not too distant past would have been called a nightgown I think oh my god. IL OV hits that I was loved it so you know manei stunned in this black and white cocktail dress that. I say just look classy and pretty. Matt says. It's festooned with polka dots and that she completed this out of this world look with pearls and her hair. Like stars in the sky think that means but to actually like business and actually up in general let's check out Burrell doing his best Michael Jackson vaccination with the white jacket. Which they bedazzled thing going on his date late edition that his date is married but his partner on the red carpet food she's distracting me from his luck L get its deck they have a can't really see that. Very looks like here renounce me and makes a so I had done a governor who scooped up to Golden Globes. Matt declared him the winner in this brown how old male who now you now say the good that from saying my elected Barack. I'd like it. Let him come and childish Gambino would have thwarted better though I'm so distracted by Craig brown see what's coming up next that's technology can't be right back.

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{"duration":"4:05","description":"From teleprompter flubs to big wins, check out the most talked-about moments from the Golden Globes. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"44648264","title":"Biggest Moments from the Golden Globes ","url":"/WNN/video/biggest-moments-golden-globes-44648264"}