Bill Gates' New Challenge: Build a Better Condom

Microsoft co-founder hopes to prevent disease and unwanted pregnancy around the world.
2:55 | 03/25/13

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Transcript for Bill Gates' New Challenge: Build a Better Condom
Artist type in the mix and this is uninteresting one would talk about latex condoms are talking about Bill Gates what are these are common -- -- think -- gates wants to pay a 100000. Dollars to build a better condom. A -- that feels good format OK he's not doing this because he and he's not doing that but he's doing. -- -- -- part of his initiative let me find find out if it's part of his grand challenges explorations initiative it's round eleven of that. And really what he's doing is trying to prevent disease and unwanted pregnancies and many countries around the war is taken a different direction right truly. He's offering a 100000 dollars to build -- better -- them any ideas to make it feel. Good enough that men around the world will stay with the condom. Not mind having it on and -- it -- Prevent all these are. -- -- -- -- -- -- It can't be if I think -- -- be a bad thing go Bill Gates -- -- another one this is pretty interesting more people have access to cell phones. Then toilets. That -- Oh wow classy guys I -- They have more access to toilet paper than cell -- -- until the administration is sorry it fits in the United Nations study and they and the seven billion people on earth. Six billion had access to mobile phone so. And we think you're walking on the street and everybody is glued to their phone they aren't you -- Absolutely brilliant people have access and only four point five billion got access to a toilet is a big public health issue this horrible. -- -- -- And -- I mean it has to be a 11 ratio silly she could sit there talk on the phone because that's the ultimate doesn't get a -- -- -- I've done that on India read this -- section you know what. -- -- -- Video. Award you don't want to yell. Casually a man trapped. Kentucky eighteen year old security guard in a bingo hall the -- radio bingo randomly. The elderly women primarily to a plane got freaked out they call the police the -- and never gonna let the guy off with but he refused to apologize -- He got himself. In big trouble let me see what happens this -- what happened into the charged with something they he delayed the game by several minutes and caused the patrons alarm. Is it -- -- to a citations are basically can't yell fire crowded theater and you better not yell bingo inside in bingo hall filled with. Elderly -- -- stick it ruins the game. Yeah but I mean really gonna call the police so ten days is serious stuff man this is bingo in Kentucky for real he Halloween and he -- high. Time we -- well OK we have time usually -- aren't. We have Irish news -- -- on -- WNN fans dot com we'll see a little bit.

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{"id":18806260,"title":"Bill Gates' New Challenge: Build a Better Condom","duration":"2:55","description":"Microsoft co-founder hopes to prevent disease and unwanted pregnancy around the world.","url":"/WNN/video/bill-gates-challenge-build-a-better-condom-18806260","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}