Blake Shelton And Miranda Lambert Are Getting A Divorce

The country music stars issued a joint statement, saying, "This is not the future we envisioned."
3:33 | 07/21/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Blake Shelton And Miranda Lambert Are Getting A Divorce
And topic. Morning stating so they did of the fairy tale marriage to country music superstars Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert finalized their divorce yesterday. I love that song that beautiful music they make together is no more apparently the couple. Actually met while performing to rape back in 2005. And married six years later at a news horse came as surprise. And a cover article in last month's issue of country living magazine Leverett talked about the plans they had for building a house together. And yesterday's joint statement they said this is not the future we envisioned we are real people with real lives. We kindly ask for practice the hate to hear that knocks him him of this milieu in what I know they're big stars got into this music but I'm very billion there's story very I've got incredible you know that I hate that. Gonna turn Daniel wreck that now actor Daniel recht that the Harry Potter got. He's Genesee that Razali he's a big fan of rap. You may know this already. He claims to be obsessed with memorizing complicated lyrics and run. Look at that cute he showed up there an English stopped popping in California and job but on stage with his girlfriend with a version of Eminem's the real slim shady. Yeah. How well infinitely Radcliffe has a small part of me moving train wreck. And he turns 26 on Thursday so happy birthday ticket sale. Attorney and TV now announcing their video music award nominations later this morning already know who's going to be hosting the show though mightily. Cyrus she's been there before maybe some headlines before a photo but give us a severe made a home as well our Robin victims who years ago. It's working. We're not showing the video of that we just using this deal right now well into law after the performance that Robin thick it was announced that he was pleased with his wife opens this said. Do I ever Shearer got it and we all remember the time. And last year she also had a homeless teenager river except that video of the year award. That it shows had hosts and Miley announced new gig on mr. Graham wearing green alien bodies into the left. Jewelers a hut in a sign that says MTV won't let me perform on the right. Sticking her tongue out at sign read so I'm posting issue is the inmate by the way to be amazed. They will air on August 30 is that everything still has its own ago just announced yet but that served sentences and are kind of and then a lot of people sort of started popping it into himself saying I think the thing. She's got the tongue thing I need them fortunately what you have here blames the Clinton hole had everybody else has bullying got to bring back that every. That's funny something will come most of the guard. Also hear how about those then threaten. He's got disappearing honest here the Grammy winner struggle with his weight during his whole life over the past few months he's been working hard to get help the and slim down and slim down he does. Cyclical this picture do you recognize and there he is from two days ago and actually not very. He bowl Miami sand berms that president transformation to a British nutritionist the stars and really a freer.

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{"duration":"3:33","description":"The country music stars issued a joint statement, saying, \"This is not the future we envisioned.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"32584543","title":"Blake Shelton And Miranda Lambert Are Getting A Divorce","url":"/WNN/video/blake-shelton-miranda-lambert-divorce-32584543"}