Blind Girl Tackles California Triathlon

Heaven Vallegos, 11, learned how to swim two months before participating in the event.
2:56 | 05/05/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Blind Girl Tackles California Triathlon
Are welcome to make everybody we want to introduce you to leave little girl -- -- -- -- -- about -- and she is such an inspiration she participated in the spring sprint triathlon on Sunday. As -- one mission her mission was -- in her words kick. But now why are we telling you about this little girl here's the deal she completed this triathlon. She's blind that's great she can't see if things she was great she was born blind she learned -- -- the -- two months ago wow she started running. In the fall. So all of the fact that she consideration is going to couldn't see that. The water or her bike or where she was running -- the finish line none of that stuff mattered to her she said the deal what she wanted to accomplish -- to prove to herself that she. Can do it -- there -- -- it. Just what an inspiration name once again have -- and she's just one of good for her. -- another little girl hello this is the son. Thoughts that maybe this is an imposter but maybe it's a little girl whatever to -- -- Rachel -- we think. Posted on instead grabbed take a look she breaks up with her boyfriend and the -- is -- -- the captain grammatical errors let me read to you. -- -- breaking up with you. We have not talk to me since -- day you ask me. That was three months ago you need to give it to give or you'll never did matter -- you. And that all -- said. You should get married just not. Since then maybe he went on -- show -- that. -- -- authentic my daughter who's eleven says that people ask each other got to see what happens the next go off price -- know what to do they talk to -- that knowledge of what happens in the cafeteria. -- they sit next to each other no big part of this ignore each other you ask for that you say yes in the new northern. So it -- -- status and they have a boyfriend or girlfriend that's how -- -- -- -- -- failing to get it together. I didn't know about -- married to somebody else except that. OK it's a check this -- apparently given -- -- William. You because it makes -- -- -- and other people appear more clever. How in the world the people come up with his mother ran a study apparently 85 students at the university of my leg and they evaluated how. And they interpreted an article that was -- apparently explaining Einstein's theory of general relativity he. Manuel is right there by David Clark David Clark David FP target David -- aren't Clark what do you think everybody -- -- happy I'm not let the one that says that the most intelligent things and that made more sense to everybody up there you have it tries to be John W -- mirror and you should be -- -- not hard on the team WLR XYZ -- and apparently that more -- -- have -- Extra Smart -- about what. Is that really can't believe it was just wanted to take could have broken pelvis and big open wheel car is that accusing Edwards and Australia trying to help -- recover how many breaking -- -- All they're not -- it could -- this.

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{"duration":"2:56","description":"Heaven Vallegos, 11, learned how to swim two months before participating in the event.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"23586727","title":"Blind Girl Tackles California Triathlon","url":"/WNN/video/blind-girl-tackles-california-triathlon-23586727"}