Boston Police Unveil Addition to Ice Cream Truck Fleet

The new truck is set to serve as part of the department's community outreach operation.
2:53 | 08/03/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Boston Police Unveil Addition to Ice Cream Truck Fleet
It's time for the next we're starting with an ice cream trucks now owned by the Boston. Police Department. They bought the truck. Part of its control fleets to hand out free ice cream the private community policing initiatives. If we get that get the kids training kids around toward the costs incidental okay. And they've given away I see a 120000. Ice creams already and they paid any cooling thousand dollars. Guess I guess but I guess it's a bargain if it improves community now. Sends absolutely aren't let's move on to other. Wall on the golf course this thing is ethic check without set somebody up there filming it got to felt but apparently we can't tell you what he's saying because of there also and elsewhere Lawrence. But look at us. Continued gone is now on the green and the people behind them Slade up sentiment did it. So they were finishing on the green and it got behind crystals to wait right they didn't they fit into them therefore making the cut him with a golf balls that's not made an angry at I guess these. This one grip Hannah an elderly and man hands with Batman and scheck perhaps they're playing slowly I'm. A similar fight with my brother and low on the tennis court but we do not chickens for months we speak for months. That's cool that this reminded me of one of my favorite films and it anissina cope sideways you know I don't actually yes yes yes it's who's different. And I had lunch can anybody remember mom. I. Yeah and it's just. Deteriorating and you wonder why these things don't happen Robin delegates say situation they hit innocent people in front of them cannot be opposed to do not just not very gentlemanly. Is on the company's. There I've. Four years old are out there I gave it up my friends I realized that we were only doing is an excuse to get out of the hands. And actually would rather just approval. The Belmont Bruins right as let's. Yeah fund set about ya OK what have you got for wells and that we're going to Hawaii again that Jews who masses Yahoo! has just learned tonight. And apparently. He showed up in Hawaii there was a kid playing a cover of one of his own. Good thought yes let's listen live in this. So the kid is playing and then in the background and that is masses young who showed up on the net and keep playing the cover has no idea that that is the original. Shuns her and there. He breaks cover. Oh my goodness he realizes. What has just happened apparently not only does his all the time. And apparently NASDAQ gained some tickets due to the festival and the he's a very different Mattis after the thank you might not recognize would have gone out again. All right all right it is for this half hour coming up more and world news now.

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{"duration":"2:53","description":"The new truck is set to serve as part of the department's community outreach operation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"41087823","title":"Boston Police Unveil Addition to Ice Cream Truck Fleet","url":"/WNN/video/boston-police-unveil-addition-ice-cream-truck-fleet-41087823"}