Boy's Memorial Day Gesture Brings Grandfather to Tears

Joseph Brunson, 7, and his grandfather spent the weekend placing flowers on veterans' graves in Texas.
2:53 | 05/26/14

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Transcript for Boy's Memorial Day Gesture Brings Grandfather to Tears
All right next time on this Memorial Day -- -- the top of the show. I've wasted little we'll scrappy -- with this weekend kicked her wish. I'm here added that at any rate this is an awesome Memorial Day story and that's why have picked at number one. Lots of what floral -- about a thousand of them sent to grave sites at Dallas fort. National cemetery -- they do every Memorial Day. Well a lot of volunteers -- deserve credit for one of the volunteers was seven year old boy cub scout heard about -- cub scout meeting wanted to go there and brought along his. Vietnam veteran grandfather I'm -- touchdown. Putting flowers degrades us and they caught the attention to cameras -- and they talked about Memorial -- what it wants us. -- -- -- -- About so many people -- -- words for our country. Mistaken -- fined him saying buoyant day weekend -- going kids names and say let's say. And -- also grandfather and grandson honoring our heroes who themselves moment -- thousands. Our rates are moving into other official business -- Clinton in. -- curtain times that police officer's dash cam video you're about to see the official business that he found himself on. He -- He spotted -- duck and heard that play mamma dot animated and trying to get across the street. And he stopped his car and then he stopped traffic and let me go across the street I think I mentioned that sometime I think maybe the week before but. Ever notice how every single time there's -- Story to be told it is all over the news we yes we are in love with conduct -- we -- So everything don't you Wear you out there America on the every time -- -- -- in the news we will bring it to you guys who have ducks. All this is pretty awesome if anybody knows the California state fair and -- across California that might be familiar with -- chicken Charlie's OK they make a lot of the -- -- and there are not known for their life fit anywhere they got a new one eight year. It's -- believable. It's called the Krispy Kreme triple -- -- Problem that's basically what this -- quality triple bypass. Secrets between triple cheeseburger or chicken Charlie's -- -- -- to San Diego County fair that next month by the way. And he goes along with their Krispy -- sloppy -- all -- white castle sliders well and Krispy -- -- -- feed. No one make that better luck if you grab it. Roland and a little bit of flour and -- at lightening up bright and trying to hold things different animal any idea why Matt maybe next to you got that. But it really quickly you want to get -- There have been -- new world record that's been -- in Knoxville Tennessee here's the take a look at the video this is. 752 people the most people wearing duct tape in the same room all down for an organization that helps supplement. Learning in the classrooms.

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{"duration":"2:53","description":"Joseph Brunson, 7, and his grandfather spent the weekend placing flowers on veterans' graves in Texas.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"23867752","title":"Boy's Memorial Day Gesture Brings Grandfather to Tears","url":"/WNN/video/boys-memorial-day-gesture-brings-grandfather-to-tears-23867752"}