Brad Pitt Faces Rotting Situation

Homes Pitt's charity built after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans are allegedly rotting.
3:00 | 01/02/14

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Transcript for Brad Pitt Faces Rotting Situation
Welcome back everyone time for the skinny and usually this is a lighthearted segment but let me ask you did you ever -- -- fresh prince of -- of course. Remember uncle so. Yes. Some sad news report today uncle Phil James Avery -- an actor in a Fresh Prince of Bel Air has died -- A 68 years old you know I I talked about being America's uncle because that was the only wanted to have not just as he was rich and -- -- -- -- -- Because he seemed like such a nice person on -- -- Connecticut and of course you know that was an iconic series Fresh Prince of Bel Air. -- -- with the role of James Avery played essentially occurring in nearly every episode. Every died in -- hospital and Glendale California after undergoing open heart surgery. Shortly before Thanksgiving through his publicist -- uniter Cynthia Snyder announced. And it's -- Some see the tributes coming out of social media Tyra Banks is -- -- Tatyana Ali is put out a trivia also embarrassing he's devastated him over Twitter. At the sausage shows you the impact of the series had on the lives of every. Honestly absolutely and moving -- -- another celebrity Brad Pitt he had tried to do good with the whole situation down. In New Orleans post hurricane Katrina and now he's getting a little bit of heat for -- his organization. Tried to help the Ninth Ward out there. And his journey make it right to build homes -- these people the problem is some homes are not doing too well the buckling their mushrooms grown under some homes. Turns -- the -- that they used the timber lumber company. Use this glass and wood land to it was guaranteed for forty years. Obviously. These people are without these loans now and so it's gonna cost about a 150000. Dollars. To replace. But that timber companies to -- the right thing and replace -- to some people had homes replaced and others are still waiting. I mean I know Brad Pitt -- and is liked him so much stuff overseas and -- in America as well. Let's hope that gets sorted out yeah I know it's it's the it is just let me try to do the right thing in -- -- things out of their control that they really can't parental speaking of celebrities -- -- -- as a celebrity in -- go. And don't hate me for saying his words on air rob -- dashing and lose I just -- I sent armored on their rob card dashing you know his New Caledonia here's why. He wasn't in the family Christmas card didn't -- Chris -- Christmas party I now reportedly from someone very close to him it's being reported that he needs a clean break from the family. That he says quote abandoned him. And don't forget of course you know rob was actually close to Lamar Odom who has since divorced from one of the Kardashians have always forget which. Plus is the real deal though I mean I never know what's really real and -- like made up like is this another -- -- to get you hooked on the reality show and you follow the current actions abroad he did you get -- in Pakistan or Afghanistan hundreds of -- that's a really good question I don't think I've met a single person overseas that knows who the Kardashians are -- Can I tell you something a true -- -- when I was based in the Middle East for five years. I watched that's. -- also watched Nicholas. I -- America and they miss. -- I'm sorry actually no I'm not sorry that closes they had seen -- a -- that -- is the video -- and -- assets. Wow you could get that in Pakistan -- and you can get that in Pakistan but you can't get keeping up with the protection system but the the but the up. I think that's why rob feels left out. So it feels left out is he convened a video I think he wanted to be right in the head out of oh really interesting that -- why I wish -- the best day I hope he finds his mark.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Homes Pitt's charity built after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans are allegedly rotting. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"21395650","title":"Brad Pitt Faces Rotting Situation","url":"/WNN/video/brad-pitt-faces-rotting-situation-21395650"}