Breaking a Barrier: A Woman Plays Professional Football

Breaking a Barrier: A Woman Plays Professional Football Jennifer Welter suits up and carries the ball in an indoor football league game.
3:00 | 02/18/14

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Transcript for Breaking a Barrier: A Woman Plays Professional Football
All right next down a little history making Texas over the weekend another milestone for women I suppose as -- pretty impressive that pro football player. It's the indoor. Football league -- She got to carry smaller number 47 -- name's Jennifer -- she's 36 is -- Cash yeah that's right. And -- got three carries in the game. What's your place you go it's a little forty step back. This year there -- up but anyway she lost a yard on that first carried she's five to 130 pounds to. He was hit by a six foot 4245. Pound defensive -- meant she was unfazed by the head. Stuff that is too cool that is to -- -- They say but obviously she's she's tough and she played -- linebacker. You know women's football alliances is the first not kicking position a woman has played in a pro football -- took -- -- -- -- that. Girls can do anything boys can do I don't know I don't wanna get hit by a 245 pound -- from -- ladies and -- do that. There are -- -- This video it is I don't even know what to say about it except to just like to see these ghosts. -- -- -- I don't know why hey hi this is some more in France rethink this videos posted online but they are so -- you and I think they're just having a blast with -- climbing up there and trying to balance and looks like the others are waiting for their turn for sure. Put into Josephson than they have in the mountains alleged only that not even -- that's pretty amazing all right next up. Check this out as a man from Louisiana. Didn't travel much until this fifties O'Malley and that's how I've met a tattoo. -- the map of the world does back. Thank he's filling in all the countries that he goes do without solid. So he's organized into sixty different nations over more than 50% of his map this -- -- name is bill passed them. And like he said he got the travel -- and you won't -- -- back in 2006 he came -- passport and now he's -- to. Different countries he plans to get that hold back field and the. Ford's old I love that -- that is really cool. OK so there is an island home in Japan that is nicknamed the rabid island and -- are about to see why. Right before those videos taken only two -- around this tourist and then off they have also come home run and and it's because she took out. The as you have sat there and they went they want in on it now. Get out -- -- that during World War II eight rabbits were brought to this Japanese island they were used to check. Mustard gas but now this huge population has -- up on this island and to -- go there to see the -- but I think that this is probably not the typical experience there. And and they keep coming coming that's incredible they're behind the scene they're calling it a hair raising experience props today.

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{"id":22559987,"title":"Breaking a Barrier: A Woman Plays Professional Football","duration":"3:00","description":"Breaking a Barrier: A Woman Plays Professional Football Jennifer Welter suits up and carries the ball in an indoor football league game.","url":"/WNN/video/breaking-barrier-woman-plays-professional-football-22559987","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}