Getting over a breakup

Ready to vent, heal and move on? ABC's Will Ganss talks with an author who wrote the perfect poetry for anyone getting over their ex!
3:10 | 02/15/21

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Transcript for Getting over a breakup
When it comes to the language club you've got Shakespeare. I never saw true. So nice cool air Oz didn't. I think being in. And now you're grace do you have a theater curse word. Yeah. Christina grace is the author of this book would you still lower today you live true younger. Blood thinner now. I literally read I was like OK Mike job we'll make the haiku poems inspired by her own particularly. Painful real life breakup. I had not meeting and urged and not just an ordinary like eight between white and and Ed when I got it. While it. And I would completely shot. A writer by trade Christina knew she needed to do something to help the healing process along. Your inspiration I suddenly. Inspired by cristina's heart Parikh. But not the man who broke her heart none of them are gone now okay which is interesting because to call someone a Ramona. Bury it. He's not really remote now the book divided up into the stages of a break up like grief sex fights. And coping. I really like nickel and had jot down Al. Surging home that we've come Allah and I idol live on cash and and a lot of tiny ad line. Swedish fish. Shouldn't cull. Okay. It'll out of our pick up and I really just about. Aaron doing. No pets. I'm like one Ferrari let her out of the attack that claimed eight what is your wish for anybody who reads. This collection. I wish that a young Il. In Al and that they EL and wine. It on the same page at at. Is holding their hand or Gary keen experience. Mount dismay accent. Oh really. Did you peace and because. I didn't write. The book is available now everywhere the books are sold and it leaves space at the end this is so cute for anyone inspired to claim their own poetic justice and Haikou their own hearts out. After my conversation with Christina I was inspired so here's mine okay. He swift's songs and tears that I realize I'm detects a much better off. I narrowed one Wally your service plane I don't want you now so get out of here you scrub. Powell I will be great jerked. Again I went to a good time. Saddam last so yeah you on the not by accident that left and then apply that maximize that yet if I buy directly. Under us. It's also signal earnest today we found out yet every single where there's Dave Mona from. You get a room yeah. That's happened on the bottom.

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{"duration":"3:10","description":"Ready to vent, heal and move on? ABC's Will Ganss talks with an author who wrote the perfect poetry for anyone getting over their ex!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"75903003","title":"Getting over a breakup","url":"/WNN/video/breakup--75903003"}