Breakup Letter Becomes a Web Hit

Scorned woman sends her ex-boyfriend on a hunt to find his belongings.
2:55 | 06/03/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Breakup Letter Becomes a Web Hit
-- Start everybody welcome to the -- as far as break up letters go I think this is. One of my we alienating this pretty creative you're not a huge fan of the whole line in the minority everybody loves this apparently -- the only -- of things too long don't make it right take it away. Check this out so that's how we don't know policy is but apparently she found out that her boyfriend when she heard her -- -- left his FaceBook page -- mandate made -- -- who eats right he got a message from. But he had been cheating awaits senate should go on to write a letter that's all kinds of things essentially got to -- -- -- -- don't thing you did I found the girl and others is that gonna happen she said. I didn't break anything actually it was nice enough to package up all of your -- ever gonna play a little game you're not you don't find -- your stuff is so she. -- little list of all his stuff you're closer where we first met video games are -- -- first kiss your laptop is where we first brought our video game together. Here TV is where we went all the way everything else including pictures of our last two years of our -- -- -- The new girl's house. But anyhow what area -- she's not all -- -- she's gone and -- like you can't eat she can't harp course not -- is a year route to go back home made don't don't mean then that yeah. Go away you are an extremely mature person that's what she should do but she's hurt. She's her all she's done. Feeling sad and this is how women react sometimes -- The fact that she didn't go to where he works and smash all the -- -- -- -- slashed his tires and a marching into it right. -- -- his job and punched in the face -- his -- -- she had her hero in my head yeah. Pleasant communicative and they could've been a lot has got to. -- as -- new as comedians got a new viral video I think it's got to get two million hits on YouTube and it's it's kind of funny -- privacy goes around to to -- and -- And he wants to see if it's contagious. And he's guy's name is Roman Atwood and he's seemed like Eiffel Tower statue of liberty stone -- goes all over the world the coliseum mount Rushmore. Trying to get people to you off. And he's a huge detriment. Yeah. Contagious I -- truly -- Not everyone thinks so funny one -- he's approached by two medic who accuse him of spreading germs and his incessant you ought to. -- god tells them he needs to go home and get some rest but it is Sino us. That it's -- even television I want young daughter and I downloading -- Prohibit gunning down as an outsider I get to this is a pretty interesting story there is a young Belgian woman who back in 2009 we talk about her. She got basically constellation of stars on her face that would be -- stars on her face well we have a before and after -- she finally got all of nine laser treatment thirteen thousand dollars believe there isn't. And she looks great. -- comfort level. Oh.

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{"id":19312764,"title":"Breakup Letter Becomes a Web Hit","duration":"2:55","description":"Scorned woman sends her ex-boyfriend on a hunt to find his belongings.","url":"/WNN/video/breakup-letter-web-hit-19312764","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}