Britney Spears Is Headed to Sin City

Britney Spears will headline a show for two years at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.
4:15 | 09/18/13

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Transcript for Britney Spears Is Headed to Sin City
Britney Spears was taken off the skinny today with not so secret announcement that she is going to be headlining a show in Vegas she's going to be a planet Hollywood she signed a two year contract and he made the announcement huge announcement. And Good Morning America and -- estimated in shaping credible and -- yeah. Came helicopter she was greeted -- and hand the and and they -- Not everything your rant again that not only -- the show is going to be my guess at planet Hollywood it's going to be a total of fifty concerts over the span of two years since she's incredibly excited about this it's going to be a lot of -- -- all of marathons. It old news the good the bad all that great stuff and she's she's a wonderful performers -- the show's going to be spectacular return you can see -- on shore. She also talked about personalized he had a lot to say about. -- -- -- her old flames. Including the fact that her very first kiss was at age thirteen. Very tender age of thirteen to another then. There you haven't Justin Timberlake. Thirteen years old I'm assuming that's when they were part of the Mickey Mouse club. That they -- -- they dated. -- much after the Mickey Mouse club and they are kind of like a couple back -- today that there have been her first -- you wonder you wonder it was Justin's first kiss. -- -- OK yeah. Did you see the ball I just pretty cool -- wedding day and you get to us get a surprise visit. From hey hey listen stunned Hollywood star check out area from Abilene woods' wedding day -- Jersey the Daily Mail -- more special over the weekend when Brad Pitt. Shows up for picture at the wedding reception took up Brad -- in town to make a movie staying at the hotel whether receptions that you have a drink at the bar. The groom was not intimidated walks up to -- -- -- do -- -- composed of my life. Wow great guy and then went out there for picture you complement to the bride's dress and such an hour and -- -- props to the -- right because you know anybody -- -- kind of -- -- be the big -- I suppose and I -- -- -- not a big -- anymore. Actually just thinking two things number one she's so intimidated by -- she won't even touch. -- -- -- -- -- -- This is not a picture that should be framed anywhere because while he is a very handsome man and the groom yeah it's Brad -- desperately -- put somebody in the middle. Did -- wanted to have a picture next in the elevator -- looking at that picture she can just had a slice you off and then it looks like she's marrying Brad Pitt and alerted a teacher and they're not touching back in February despite what. Moving into this is -- very close it's kind of like the coverage of vote it is Sandra -- the fifth time on the cover -- -- -- stunning a little different as you can see her hair is cropped short. But stunning as usual she's just always so beautiful to look at it here a little. Behind the scenes video -- -- you tell -- what you are looking at here but essentially they were trying to do is have given like other -- It's like this basic theme that's given -- -- because her new movie which is coming out soon is called gravity. And essentially. Usually spaced out in the International Space Station heard George Clooney and -- but the -- lesions on the cover of once again and she looks stunning as usual. Yeah -- an -- woman and at about yeah. All right another magazine -- talk about. Yes Playboy magazines sixtieth anniversary cover -- make a splash my paranoia or -- -- -- of excellent. Kate Moss. Yeah and apparently it's going to be a full frontal pictorial. Just in time for the models fortieth birthday in January issue will be on -- -- Its sixtieth anniversary cover which comes out in December. Reinvented yourself this when dementia yet she did she had she had that that her when she bingo and as they said way back in and ninety's I guess but she definitely is more big election this -- these days I like -- look better actually. I didn't realize it's not unprecedented a lot of supermodels. Grace the cover what Cindy Crawford -- McPherson Campbell Claudia Schiffer. RTC more. Just to name a few so -- joined some illustrious company that he -- and she will be a very small yet well. I have -- going to do my best seller that might be one of the keepers the public so -- read articles that they put it away and search the app. Some nights with that you put in a plastic bag and Tibet forever -- month.

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{"id":20288827,"title":"Britney Spears Is Headed to Sin City","duration":"4:15","description":"Britney Spears will headline a show for two years at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.","url":"/WNN/video/britney-spears-headed-sin-city-20288827","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}