Broadway heads to Madison Square Garden

18,000 New York school students got to see “To Kill A Mockingbird” for free. ABC News’ Will Ganss reports.
2:56 | 02/27/20

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Transcript for Broadway heads to Madison Square Garden
Nothing quite like that. Rumors completion of a live show on Broadway. By yesterday at one runway show attracted such an overflow crowd they had to relocate coming Madison Square Garden. Our own little Kansas here now and that's Dari will receive treatment dance moves for their actors hit the crowd was a little bit younger than a typical Broadway audience. And there were on a field trip but the real trip here the history that was needed midtown Manhattan at Madison Square Garden. Madison Square Garden has welcomed Elvis. John lending. One Republican and three democratic national conventions and countless sports games. But for the first time ever a Broadway Show played the iconic arena on Wednesday. To Kill a Mockingbird which is made more than a hundred million bucks on the great white way. Played a free performance for New York City public school students. They traded it's my friends back this Hambrecht and content in. Sally. Exciting sure and important the play's based on the 1960 novel. One of the most popular in American history and it tackles themes of racism and intolerance right. Favorite book I looked so much an English so powerful prescription non American and I'm really excited that my first run insurance my favorite thing is so relevant today because of Morris and selling a lot of controversy and stealing social issues and as we associate the ideas it's seen in that story product. Its relevance drying in an audience of 181000 students and chaperones for there's. First of its kind performance many of the students experiencing life theater for the very first time. And my C mayor builds a blot zeal and his wife Shirley McRae on hand to introduce the shell. And. We're only if you've decided is your world to change. And Spike Lee donating his time to make the day unforgettable. Speaking of donations and ST itself the concessions and security were privately paid for and the cast added a month's worth of extra rehearsal to make this happen. Offered rate cuts. Never seen anything like this when it comes arts and the kids so important that put them together. Fostering that loved for the Arthur Levitt. Guys come on let's take our way out of this guy yeah yeah.

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{"duration":"2:56","description":"18,000 New York school students got to see “To Kill A Mockingbird” for free. ABC News’ Will Ganss reports. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"69252604","title":"Broadway heads to Madison Square Garden","url":"/WNN/video/broadway-heads-madison-square-garden-69252604"}