Bucks are NBA champions

Milwaukee fans are celebrating as their team’s 50-year title drought finally ends. ABC News' Will Ganss reports.
2:06 | 07/21/21

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Transcript for Bucks are NBA champions
It's normal. Who wait he's over the years after winning their first title the Milwaukee Bucks are once again in yeah eight champions. The game a nail biter at the Bucs ahead by just four with a minute left to plate Chris Middleton making this difficult jumper to give the bucks some breathing room. The Phoenix Suns led by veteran Chris Paul chasing their first championship coming up short in the final set. All we're. 65000. Fans outside the but stadium in your district. Erupting as the clock expired goddess on to the Kugel affectionately known as the Greek freak plays more like a Greek god. Leading his team to victory with fifty points there just. Got it celebrating with his wife and son overcome with emotions following the win the Greek national named MVP. And lifting championship trophy for the very first time that's our hope these can keep anybody that on the world hope. And I loved believe that the teams definitely man calling his brother on instant Graham lied to celebrate hey hey. Hey. And grow. Love you bro love that moment between those two and one more note of interest Michael Jordan he was 28 when he won his first championship LeBron James funny seven. Yacht S just 26 years old. Now is incredible exhibit of where he came from his first year in the NBA comes over from Athens Greece he has a no anybody's living in an apartment. Waiting for his family to come over now he's an NBA champion and an MVP. And every faith. Yeah go moloch actually you know what shocks of the city of Milwaukee. Those cities. Some time some people because the other an upper midwest and it's cold. They're on vacation destiny to call them small market teams learned they go out at Wal-Mart has been big win about it next critics I can't say you know let you don't know.

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{"duration":"2:06","description":"Milwaukee fans are celebrating as their team’s 50-year title drought finally ends. ABC News' Will Ganss reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"78964967","title":"Bucks are NBA champions","url":"/WNN/video/bucks-nba-champions-78964967"}