Building a gingerbread house

Mrs. Fields' Taylor Ruotsala stops by to teach the gang how to put together a delicious gingerbread house just in time for National Cookie Day!
2:59 | 12/04/18

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Transcript for Building a gingerbread house
Welcome back millions of Americans are a rolling up their sleeves and diving in the holiday baking. Except holidays like one this music and human ginger bread out of this. We're gonna compete just worn out going away and it's going down. And now extra special because today's national cookie day and we are here went Taylor root salad from mrs. fields. Morning yeah. The. It's so much for having me I hope he looked confused for that's about to get really sweet you know. Mrs. feel nothing some great deals and yes. Supernatural picky day all missed field's stores will be offering it because key to any guests at the purchase will ever online yet the you single on lining up 40% off all holiday gift you can. Indeed silly you you brought aid ginger bread it's not just the house its ability to chat. It is. So this isn't infield gingerbread village made with the by the content that could he's fast could you have the time I would say at their new gingerbread white chocolate partner and that the net yes. This isn't already yeah I know. You realize you have a played it well I guess that's one. Perhaps yesterday so you all that planets are building that Coca yeah. That man. So are sorely that we got to compete here and try to get them out just down the gun out entering the Zinedine gingerbread off from drug. What it takes some all the good things from you on Friday and sentiment so pretty. We had little or no revenue I don't know you're ready to. I'm nuts here I don't know what you're talking about thought I'm do you act I you know obviously doing everything correctly but what current context and her family is he can't go on how you decorate. Snow and using up all these pet food candies of the missiles could be gone on. This really brings to a homeland prepared. Times check from the people out there but their time checking act. How much longer due back in thirty. The idea of the little applying. Credit going onions. And yeah about anything here and then I got rhythm not going to look at anticipating it. Going. Crazy and are difficult but clearly bush is this really the tail like a wrong we need this. Let I don't know what I'm getting an out Maggie wind and happiness. Yeah. Yeah. There yeah. This news now own dvd you proud. Yeah. Right. But yeah.

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{"duration":"2:59","description":"Mrs. Fields' Taylor Ruotsala stops by to teach the gang how to put together a delicious gingerbread house just in time for National Cookie Day!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"59593654","title":"Building a gingerbread house","url":"/WNN/video/building-gingerbread-house-59593654"}