Caitlyn Jenner Will Not Be Charged in Fatal Crash

Prosecutors decided not to charge Caitlyn Jenner with vehicular manslaughter for a fatal car crash that left one woman dead.
3:40 | 10/01/15

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Transcript for Caitlyn Jenner Will Not Be Charged in Fatal Crash
Politely to get off this morning Caitlin Jenner and that fatal car crash. She was involved in earlier this year prosecutors have decided not to charge chatter in the accident their reasoning not enough evidence for conviction. It happened in February right before Jenner went public as a transgender woman a thirty said she was towing. And off road vehicle and SUV when she crashed into two cars one of the drivers can how was killed when her car was pushed into oncoming traffic. Despite a lack of criminal charges Jenner still faces two separate civil suits. Related to the accident and can't we move on now to Monica Lewis Lewinsky was taking on a new anti bullying initiative of works it's called. Bystander revolution. Aimed at changing the way people react when they see or encounter bullying. In an interview yesterday on GMA Lewinsky told ABC's Amy world clock wind she decide to speak out publicly now and she said quote. It was really tie it really was time Amy also last. How she was handling Hillary Clinton being in the news every day is she makes a run for the White House. I think it's really wonderful that we have two women from both parties I running for higher office. And and I think what Ed however it may affect me personally is is. Not to the Internet talk about today. Win ski did however say quote. Even though I have suffered from Shane I am not ashamed of who I am it's taken her years in state. Aid Dick. Kinda get over this and she says she never escapes the fact. What had happened between her and President Clinton at the time and it's constantly brought up so. The fact that she's able to turn up like this into something good and be able to say you know what it's been a hard road debt. As an effort for everybody else it's great. And 42 years old hard to believe how long it's been bitten many remember that next up the world's most eligible bachelor. It's not me it's Prince Harry. And he's telling the world don't hold your breath for the next royal wedding the prince spent yesterday tricking some seventeen miles per walking. With the world indeed to walk of Britain. He joined six wounded veterans for British to Americans when he was asked there with this question reporter from I TV. One day but it set. Coming down even. Anywhere near that you know event that there is a lot of little things too soon to get done before settling down back I think you have on government forced it to sitting down but it remains on the students' work as usual sort of home. Crack on him to the full interview but I would have asked what's up with the beard can't like the beard did their best day he's sexy about it at great. OK so there is a chance there's Harry we will be visiting rather with the US later this month heading to Washington DC and then he's back in Orlando next year for the index's gains in 2016. And finally Taylor Swift data report from Brady that she has made a bit of a real estate purchase according their source says she shelled out. Toll five million in cash to buy a place fit for a queen. That's Samuel Goldwyn stayed in Africa California while swift has neither confirm nor deny the report. And she's now the owner of the property which includes by the way an 111000 square foot main house while bedroom guest apartment above the garage of sunken tennis courts a swimming pool and of course a pool with the kitchen at. It certainly have place where she can partner with all the famous friends she made on fourth. The party like it's 22. About the costs field.

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{"duration":"3:40","description":"Prosecutors decided not to charge Caitlyn Jenner with vehicular manslaughter for a fatal car crash that left one woman dead.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"34170410","title":"Caitlyn Jenner Will Not Be Charged in Fatal Crash","url":"/WNN/video/caitlyn-jenner-charged-fatal-crash-34170410"}