California's $425M Powerball Winner Revealed

Raymond Buxton, a northern California retiree, claimed his massive jackpot with a sense of humor.
3:00 | 04/02/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for California's $425M Powerball Winner Revealed
You might remember a few months back a massive powerball jackpot worth 425. Million bucks there was one winner. Well aid to its time coming forward and showed a sense of humor when he picked up his -- yesterday they -- -- -- is an LA good morning Mary. Good morning while you can stop checking your pockets for that missing Lotto ticket there was only one winner and now we know hill. For weeks 425. Million dollars in lottery winnings has hung in the balance now we finally have a winner. Raymond -- in a northern California retiree has claimed his massive powerball jackpot. Showing a sense of humor -- accepted his prize on April Fool's Day. Wearing a T shirt with a picture of -- owed on it -- red luck of the jet I have. Lucky indeed -- it was simply grabbing a sandwich inside this convenience store in silicon valley California in February. He already had a ticket but decided to test his luck again buying another one. A two dollar investment that won him the sixth largest jackpot in US history. I -- -- and and elevating would've -- -- -- -- and so why the wait. -- decided to do things by the book literally he consulted this winners handbook and built up a legal and financial team. One of the biggest pitfalls is overspending. They are trying to live out every dream that -- suppressed their entire life. Bucks an elected to take the cash a lump sum of its. 142. Million dollars before taxes. So what do they plan to do with all that cash well Buxton said he plans to travel. But he also wants to give back and set up a foundation focused on child hunger and education. John and Diana. Wow wow he's. He's not revealing his -- his address what he did for a living nothing. I I I'm gonna find them. Unified and shut him down and so yeah audio pal I'm sure I'm sure I'm sure he needs a friend. He's -- -- be lovely got to be listened scored once this is from him once the initial shock passed I couldn't sleep for days. Sitting -- -- -- this value was scary it's amazing how slip of paper can change your life by the way this is just chump change compared to -- money that he lineup but tonight's powerball drawing is worth sixty million dollars or if you decide to take at all home out -- lump -- like he's doing 34 point nine million bring it on I'll take the -- change. I think one million --

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Raymond Buxton, a northern California retiree, claimed his massive jackpot with a sense of humor.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"23154876","title":"California's $425M Powerball Winner Revealed","url":"/WNN/video/california-425m-powerball-winner-revealed-23154876"}