CDC eases mask guidelines

Some cities and businesses are deciding not to immediately follow the guidance. ABC News’ Alex Presha has details on the changes and where masks will still be required.
2:23 | 05/14/21

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Transcript for CDC eases mask guidelines
I think that's fantastic. Might think that's what everyone was waiting to hear. This morning many Americans are celebrating the return to life without masks I've already planned a mass burning party so. New CDC guidelines state fully vaccinated people can now seek to participate in most indoor and outdoor activities. Without wearing a face covering or social distancing. There are exceptions mask are still required on buses trains planes and in hospitals the CDC director says the guidance was changed because of new vaccine data which is full of good news. One of the effectiveness of vaccines in general are or operations. What do you and it gets very good sign me. But not everyone agrees with going mask Lewis in California LA county officials were not immediately follow the relax rules and in Massachusetts the mask mandate is staying in place for now. And Kroger overnight confirmed to mask will still be required to into the company's supermarkets. ABC news medical editor doctor Jane Ashton acknowledges the new CDC guidelines are based on the honor system. Any time you see someone with and that without a mask. The risk is too deep unvaccinated individuals some people can choose to take that risk but science and good data suggest that the Smart move. This to get back some. It all comes as the country hits a major milestones in the pandemic. For the first time in months all fifty states are reporting declining or stable case rate. The number of Kobe patients and hospitals nationwide is now what the fewest since last October in the DB average death count is below 600 the lowest since April of 20/20. I see this as brand new day I am I am excited -- away my mask. To go out and engaged with friends and others like I used to meanwhile another member of the New York Yankees has been diagnosed with a so called breakthrough case of cold it seven staff members and a player have now tested positive. According to the team all eight are fully vaccinated after getting the Johnson & Johnson shot. And the infections are mild or asymptomatic. Experts and the Yankees general managers say these cases prove the vaccine actually works. Let me seniors working you know we get a us is set to be presented this is without symptoms. Muscle and the testing you will need to know no. Meanwhile there's more good news for the Pfizer and my -- vaccines new data shows they're likely just as safe and effective in pregnant women as the rest of the population.

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{"duration":"2:23","description":"Some cities and businesses are deciding not to immediately follow the guidance. ABC News’ Alex Presha has details on the changes and where masks will still be required.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"77685690","title":"CDC eases mask guidelines","url":"/WNN/video/cdc-eases-mask-guidelines-77685690"}