Celebrate National Dog Day With Pooch Products

Susan Bing offers clothing, toys and accessories for man's best friend.
3:57 | 08/26/13

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Transcript for Celebrate National Dog Day With Pooch Products
Today's national -- day and an honor of that we -- go to the dogs here on world news now we have the latest products to make the statement of celebration for your -- joining me now is -- being -- of Trixie and peanuts in New York elected named -- and -- at the moment that. And after the dot net and we have here by the way what a great model this is cookie Tyco -- she is and very hairy. Wrestles for fun to say that -- would get a Brussels grip on Jessica never heard that she adorable dogs from -- they don't get as it gets pretty. That's correct Thomas upon them Jack Nicholson and yeah that's great movie -- I what do we have here are some -- what makes the -- but. These are all about the bring. They aren't quite right. He can definitely -- doctor -- and -- OK I think so it doesn't matter what the name of Susan what was it fits out of college -- -- didn't need and classic earned her crown. Excellent how much he's gonna run -- start at 29 dollars biggest dog can you put in a -- like there's this does pretty large it goes to kind of like. It looks as though I thought I mean I'm sorry I thought what's gets a little bigger than that you might need something a little more into the Vietnam the college -- -- this. He's our -- harness that easy to harness the series one right could be -- not so what is the EZ go -- it's just I'm most popular harness its super adjustable. It can go though her clothing to -- And it kind of -- every dime but it's better for small time. And my sons really should be possible harness and it's just much safer it is much -- early this morning and then little changed yet and others. According to blossom and Austria and we have this wonderful charities like these are very pleased by the way kind of something Presley fan does -- -- -- something. -- it's called the -- street -- 2012 dog Jones and company what else we have a kind of qualities you know you -- -- you -- -- -- -- benefiting companies being -- people without taking us. What's a slump that Christians are getting. Mubarak in nice now how durable these -- these ideas like gonna get chewed up pretty easily or -- -- class. And -- -- -- and indestructible. That are good -- that that he's got a nice pillow down where I was pretty awesome -- the head yet to bed -- deep pocket. This kind of Angry Birds so -- He's won the time that -- -- because -- a little more durable. And they -- affected their dogs some incentive for -- -- -- I don't. He got about -- -- of -- Take a walk over here. We have some clothing right yes we do you know we have we have -- -- can be a lot of fun you and it's great to ratchet up that. For special occasions board for every day we have these wonderful qualities -- sharks' Brian. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Dallas high they'll tell hiring. -- -- that from our children and yeah. -- yes I think she's that I may go well that was battling Batman and now we actually some practical ones as well not to spray -- like this -- actually like -- -- great religions that is actually have been snapping apart and it is great it's police line and a half an Arizona. You probably haven't come right back to you and ask Mike Trent his -- And -- that pretty developed a pretty excited -- Very nice indeed -- very happy with the -- by the -- she is just human happiness -- over here. All right we appreciate you bring in these products they are outstanding season being from Trixie and -- we thank you. And you can find these products acts. -- and -- dot com corrected him -- dot com. Trixie and -- dot com that they would be your last minute. I'll gag got to let them have a great day would encourage everybody watching --

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{"id":20068705,"title":"Celebrate National Dog Day With Pooch Products","duration":"3:57","description":"Susan Bing offers clothing, toys and accessories for man's best friend.","url":"/WNN/video/celebrate-national-dog-day-pooch-products-20068705","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}