Celebrating 25 Years of World News Now: No Ordinary Newscast

The funniest moments from our anchors past and present over the last 25 years!
6:14 | 01/05/17

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Transcript for Celebrating 25 Years of World News Now: No Ordinary Newscast
You feel but this to me among the things that. That is most tasteless in this business are those. Self congratulatory. Self serving I hate the anniversary programs you know they they rattled clips of the broadcast of. Bob Hope walks on like it's a big surprise here is anything you'd like to add at all even awful quiet this week I'm really sorry I just had to do it. You saw that cotton all that blue. Hot spell is five years ago today that world news now first saw the light of day after figuratively speaking course Simpson we have been locking up to. And under a measure of interest on loyalty from. Our one viewer. And what at what he had. God I think didn't help Poland named on. We're really seeing. For us is on assignment. You know. I have about had with the spell your first is on assignment. For. Nice laugh. I know how so let's talk property real up front early may be some help they woke up at Coosa. What is going on and I'm humbled me in. I don't know Elmo did. If you frequent this broadcast know that some person abducted the world news now tickle me Elmo. Last week we'll fearing the worst we actually got this. In the mail room today pictures so how can we not think the worst. I anywhere in New York I'm Ashley just a couple of days before Christmas we have a little bit it's no near New York. And it was assignment would you let me introduce myself that's part of that program and it just I just isn't big moment. Go ahead I'm try to talk about it it's Mark Mullen is off this morning thank you now going well thanks. We do not. Your news. It never any information on the satellite. Condit's not the fat lady not to be confused about later but you have any information you can you know contact. And that it. Except. It's not a bus has did you have some offensive body odor the Bakes it she can't keep the co anchor for more than a few week this is my last day. I would wish. When might never end insomnia. A new frightening spinal world news now. Her home. New York is a cultural Mac I try to see as many shows concerts. I need his uptight. How does he see everything the snow cutting edged the school hasn't learned jacket. I would have taken the show but I don't be so scared have been tested many Vatican didn't. So thank you I'm I'm suck up the big man but it without. TV I'm Michaela Pereira but a wave cricket service tech com delivers its letters by certified now. You inch your receipt business services Rangers and for a little. Service to leave out and about. That's the news this half I discussed it. So John jumped in and said he thought the three girls all why he thought they're lower. Entrance into bad. They're betting that might share that was not days. Drought has formed a consulting service to help businesses prepare Ford is Esther Forbes is the out of in other news a former Enron executives are opening in accounting firm. I. I am. He wanted out if you've ever used steroids or HT eighths to improve your on air report pet. So what is it right and remember you're not officially under there for the love of got to be much better buy used anything to enhance what's known around there I'd yeah. All you you feel not think this is. Tonight to warm your Koppel's. Because it's cold out there is much of the country so stay inside and stay warm when that you've learned ruling copilot as I'm probably not there the F. They fun. And it mother and that's that's world news of his noggin and didn't look and yeah. I like and looking at a lot of fans. I have enough money now than never got a man who got a mask I'm talking mess we had had a man yeah man not a good. Because he always and may now not. Emma knew a farewell show not use an easy. I know that will show up nice. And at brown. Season and that means dust storms another so called Abu rolled into the valley of the sun the yesterday. Cut your mantra. RA BC facing America. Got up close and personal what that have room he said that they wish it. Chicken does with surround actually hurt to turn sort of a low. Do you gotta go yeah I'm that's you really trying to help kids do. Got to pay a moment of silence as I go TP okay. Wait for it. Wait for it. You do it well. Beset accidents. I need a lifeguard. Soon they'll scan that building that is a great look at what we got there say that from experience. The middle understood what else is there gonna tell me a little while but that still what cures like diabetes and some day it hit just the they never trek. I haven't heard oh. What don't Obama healthy young. Seven year old man. I don't know what that sound was whether that means. Something.

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{"duration":"6:14","description":"The funniest moments from our anchors past and present over the last 25 years!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"44567906","title":"Celebrating 25 Years of World News Now: No Ordinary Newscast","url":"/WNN/video/celebrating-25-years-world-news-now-ordinary-newscast-44567906"}