Celebrating Jamaican independence week

Celebrity chef Patrick Simpson shares how he went from sleeping on the streets to cooking for celebrities and how he's giving back in his homeland of Jamaica. ABC News' Janai Norman reports.
3:48 | 08/08/19

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Transcript for Celebrating Jamaican independence week
I was making steamed cabbage and accidentally spill Carly. Inside the cabin yet chef Patrick since in distinctively remembers his car read cabbage failure in the kitchen. As a moment that would kick start its climb to becoming a celebrity chef. So my assistants not laughing that Meehan in the middle of she laughed and I saw a crime. And I said tourists that the national you've ever conclude 1 am going to be a chef. And she did and now an executive corporate shaft who served presidents rappers actors even our own Michael Strahan but his journey from Jamaica. It wasn't an easy one. Sleeping on the cold concrete know you're homeless knowing he wanted to work in food and nutrition chef Patrick worked his way up. From the local hotels where he hit on the property for places to sleep while homeless. To eventually becoming assume shaft and executive chef for Royal Caribbean Cruises. He later moved to Florida to work at Disney before landing in New York City but despite how Fareed com. Patrick says there was a point when he wasn't sure he could go line. The company can't contemplated suicide telling us about the time at a number two subway station he contemplated taking his own life I stand there and I Conte. Three trains go by and we would mop high school is trying to make up my mind. My head form ozone holes listened to king give up mile by Amir Mir. And I don't know how white took one step back. That's a reason why I'm here no because I didn't give up and I keep pushing myself until myself one more day one more thing. With the renewed sense of purpose chef Patrick was back at it bouncing around restaurants in New York City now serving as corporate executive chef. And even a recognized as an ambassador by the prime minister of this need a violent chef Patrick often returns to Jamaica and on a recent trip. Reflecting on just how Far East comes. That's stayed in the executive suite at the top of the hotel on the fourteenth floor. I was actually in the condone and all the places do you think that I use its new. And tell me what else was going through your mind as you look over at that spot thinking back on the journey there's so much that was going from this. As we talked with the chef about his path to success we have to talk about one of the most important part helping pave the way. It's clue. And what is it about forward that brings people together we want to create something that's enjoyable and something that's murmured and it's a part of us that's a part of me it's part of my heart. That I gesture to the table and lucky frosts the chef hat and apron from meat and shared some of his secrets in the kitchen we're gonna do burba and jerk offs. That's what would. Still we start with boxer in season ended up adding some garlic powder salt and pepper red chili flakes I added extra. And then some scallions green belt packed her fresh garlic and Maine go and marinade it with oil and now your gonna put that in there we added fervent and jerks offs more suburban and then more seasoning. Bounty they are good as the chef shares his passion through food here in the US he's also giving back to Jamaica. I decided okay I'm an old opponent or school it's going to be about a 150. Kids they don't have to pay anything it's based on the comes on in my pocket. They just give them and after they graduate they also get a job placement. Chef Patrick is aiming to serve youth in Jamaica the kind of support he didn't have growing up. And his message those kids is simple one embodies himself you have to always be number one cheerleader. No madam yes you need the support he needs people to cheer for you but you've got to cheer for yourself no older than anyone else I you have to believe in yourself. No matter who tell you don't give up.

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{"duration":"3:48","description":"Celebrity chef Patrick Simpson shares how he went from sleeping on the streets to cooking for celebrities and how he's giving back in his homeland of Jamaica. ABC News' Janai Norman reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"64850559","title":"Celebrating Jamaican independence week ","url":"/WNN/video/celebrating-jamaican-independence-week-64850559"}