Celebrating National Pretzel Day with a Twist

ABC's Tina Trinh learns how to make a variety of tasty pretzels at Sigmund's Pretzels in New York City.
3:54 | 04/24/15

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Transcript for Celebrating National Pretzel Day with a Twist
Well since Ryan is with us on this Friday we decided to celebrate national pretzel daily utterly. Thank you that's all I have to say to everybody here I want my show. You pick the perfect holiday for me. I love prince it's like my favorite food who little I love Clinton on the producers now it's great lots of places are giving up free pretzels this weekend and even getting a preview. With ABC's team to turn. Hey insomniacs happy national pretzel day we're here at Simmons in the east village ever gonna Larry how to make when at these bad boys let's go. Inside with unacceptable Nicholson's Ian Alina it's exciting and pretzels what's hurts me bill. If this scene Dell only has six ingredients one. Sick of fire a couple of rounds together he says he's aimed at any store put tablespoons of salt and six. Make sure Albania's. Jack is perhaps you crushed and then you can just go in and crumble it and his fact working again. Jotted that water. He can get pretty quickly yes. After that I have to do is just needed to its nicest thing. So we just that out of things you know. Patted down that you. I had income and they got it in his kids. And from here. Is actually. Thank. You. Motion down way down. Two techniques are calling that they think Whitney which takes a couple of days now and it would be. Collagen. It making news. And over again. The mom. Of them 10 o'clock to. Answer and then caller. And all but figuring out the in you people that meeting did just from watching YouTube. If wrinkle things sometimes. But I commend you Steve your pets in the in its. Planes that. Yes. Let me precedent. It's development. Steven Tyler okay how this month apple said it just let it destroy it he is up. Men with Franklin was found some very coarsely ground pepper OK and after brings out the flavor of our and it's headed to going to offensive twelve minutes at 400 degree sloppiness 400 degrees I can't. Easy pieces of wanting me yeah don't me. Known thinking so much when relations. I thanks to the good folks at six wins in New York City OK pretzel bus tell us what you think amazing these are bullet resistant yeah. Oh my god so what are touted pretzel. What what is got a it's got it's gotta be deluged got to like do we stuff but okay you know what makes the pretzel in Philly yeah. When I was growing up these disarmed by the side of the road in paperbacks. What they would sit out all day long and those were the kinds of pretzels you bought. So complete with traffic congestion smog and dirt. Petals on Baghdad and a bag of pretzels and not sealed folks not sealed who do straight out of the bag who knows where they've been you don't care. Eat all of them get 44 dollar and while that. No I'm I think that price limit has probably changed I think so near the kids in Germany put them around their necks my New Year's that. Really really. And the making him off each other is that how works for them.

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{"duration":"3:54","description":"ABC's Tina Trinh learns how to make a variety of tasty pretzels at Sigmund's Pretzels in New York City. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"30550024","title":"Celebrating National Pretzel Day with a Twist","url":"/WNN/video/celebrating-national-pretzel-day-twist-30550024"}