Celebrities celebrating Valentine's Day

See how Hollywood's top A-listers rang in the holiday of love!
3:42 | 02/15/17

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Transcript for Celebrities celebrating Valentine's Day
Really so happy that somebody couples so many celebrity couples keep their loved to themselves that's a private matter of course and then there's Chris Teague and in John Legend. Put it all out there. Everything ordinary people it's trying to be fit that Stephen lot of NBA play in this five minute video that they put out there to. Celebrate their love. Okay they can celebrate it Valentine's Day after. It was hit the west. Yes I think John impressed by and Kristy lives thinking ability. Give me that's on her singing. I don't think up. Are on some more cute couple of Michelle Obama posts in this pick from the along the beach vacation with the caption happy Valentine's Day to the love of my life. And favorite island me. And clearly they've had a -- many simp Eddie's. Lithwick good extent yes exactly a month continues to share her love her late husband David Boley posting. And this touching tribute to her forever Valentine as she calls it. Adding the hash tag below we forever. And rounding out the category Miley Cyrus and fiance Lee allows more. That you do not have double vision Miley photo shots Leann sent on the same dressed in jeans wearing red. Typically in Hemsworth and I wish you a very lovely VE day they're similar haircuts do you have poor batter and hit. Now with they really. Not spicing up the Hemsworth clan Chris Hemsworth is repressing his role as a princess as guard in the upcoming marvel movie store Brad. And routing Wagoner earned their order barb Iraq. Yeah they pick it up one. And when he's not saving the world in the granite apparently was busy being a terra. Old roommate. Human thing to beckoning she's getting a job here but that killed students. Yeah I would don't know module is I save the planet did that you should. Job really. No we weren't getting good machine with the woods has come out of it loses no no just no it's not. No lidge is don't power that the brain is a muscle. And that's a muscle to muscle and I year old muscles this is all muscle supply and Culligan grains and I've wall brings the new. It's anything. This. They had never had what I giant hammer all of the desert there with his muscles yes it rains it's because Brad Pitt and sea attacks. That's the only mostly he's missing. So this is the second could demonstrating doors or lack of manners when it comes to being a roommate. But it's not all gods have created people there now and I'm especially when it comes to remain it's okay that's a good additions. Then probably not but it does this. OK so do you remember the guy the hot felon from 2014. With the tear drop tattoo model. Not when wanted starting go funding to break him out of jail. Jeremy Meeks back then when he was having his picture taken for all the wrong reasons namely gun possession but the mug shot lead to a big shot with a modeling agency. So flash forwards in this week. The hot Phelan is now walking in New York's Fashion Week the 33 year old says he doesn't lend nickname because of all the opportunities that it has created for him. And he is keeping quiet about any future gigs he might have been. Some one reporter I'm not sure if it's true but he says. He's got a lot of practice walking the runway from all the perp walk said he had no. That he'd make that joke. Now don't think I don't know if that plan.

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{"duration":"3:42","description":"See how Hollywood's top A-listers rang in the holiday of love!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"45504061","title":"Celebrities celebrating Valentine's Day ","url":"/WNN/video/celebrities-celebrating-valentines-day-45504061"}