Celebrities Gear up for MTV's VMAs

Miley Cyrus will host the annual award show, two years after her infamous performance with Robin Thicke.
3:23 | 08/28/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Celebrities Gear up for MTV's VMAs
Okay the MTV video music awards this Sunday evening and then Lisa. Prizes of the inmates aren't there yet don't hear every of their son some newsworthy thing comes out of there's also the unpredictable Miley Cyrus is gonna host and perform in literature years ago. Just set the entire pop music world on edge with the forking thing working thing with rob sick it's still going on that's working think. Earlier this week she showed her comedy chops by going undercover. On Jimmy Kimmel that your that undercover there that was he had to humanize and Justin Bieber will also be there to perform. Mr. Bebo will debut his new single what do you mean and tweeted that he's back. Presumably from his son's problem put him back from beyoncé and she had the most nominations for IBM is. I'm afford to this that the new music video. Some so book money on only your world European and try to slow play who met. Like envoy about it well you know there's just a 118 more days until Christmas and just a 111 until the debut. It's all but over the weekends there you have it. The Disney our parent company is using us a little bit with trailers and there was a two minute video. Posted just keep them cool and now. There's a 152 one we don't have two minutes that confirms that there will be some light Saber action. The better be also that Andy Serkis who seems to be in everybody's. Fantasy and scifi movie these days he. Do this to. This trailer is only fifteen seconds but you can expect Star Wars fans to dissect and discuss every single one of those fifteen seconds. At least until the next trailer comes out they have been teasing us with this happened and little little snippets of what's expected your. Here and there are little more than more than a more that they don't what people love it my gosh my four year old son as of Saturday. Yeah from Florida and nine either and clicking on united ninety what. There's a nineteen year old lynch wait another bigs big name has signed up for the upcoming film about a different kind of fantasy drama. About a pretty Madoff scandal Michelle Pfeiffer she's gonna start his wife Ruth and HBO's wizard of lie is Robert De Niro is already set to play. The swindler himself it is the first major television role for Michelle Pfeiffer in decades. She is a best known of course for her films it's her scar face she was then she's been in that Batman returns. And a dangerous liaisons Pfeiffer. It's 57 years old now Ruth Madoff was 67 when the scandal dominated world headlines I think should be fantastic and you know this once served she laughs she sings. The cup women's tennis player in the world Serena Williams is. The top seed for next week's US open but she took a break from the prep the other day by singing some karaoke out of retirement party. The wishing you good. Judge this. I'm doing. Then again don't let you know. Are good at tennis we know that. Am I supposed to be under the solution could dance moves though and she just needs mostly US.

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{"duration":"3:23","description":"Miley Cyrus will host the annual award show, two years after her infamous performance with Robin Thicke. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"33376154","title":"Celebrities Gear up for MTV's VMAs ","url":"/WNN/video/celebrities-gear-mtvs-vmas-33376154"}