Celebrities Go All Out for Halloween

Jimmy Kimmel leads a parade of celebrities in great Halloween costumes.
3:51 | 11/01/13

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Transcript for Celebrities Go All Out for Halloween
Scary time. Halloween this country again. No no this celebrities really pulled out stops now let's check out some of the best stuff let's start Jimmy Kimmel our own ABC's on Jimmy -- hands down. -- -- -- -- -- I thought wow perfect Snow White who wouldn't know they think they came to leave the -- came to Jimmy want to make it to Snow White what do you think I'm curious had a conversation like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They look they look. Amazing. Jasmine has never looked so. Animal awareness I think they will never look at princess jasmine get in the same way that's cook Catholic -- yeah it looks like. The and Lucent. -- is a staff member anyway -- next up. Honeymoon over. And her family know I'm sorry -- don't oh this is guess -- that -- -- -- -- -- -- inside you -- I didn't I had -- -- Heidi -- one of the most sexy beautiful and the whole world and man -- they don't want this one. She played him. Older version of herself a very older version of herself checked that out when it looks like -- Driving Miss Daisy Johnson missed she levels adjusted just wetland on about Internet yes. -- and Jack never got while that is on the amazingly when it was never know it was -- Yes and then some things that will probably be here using that -- but yes I. Right now honey boo -- and her family -- they are. Gonna -- is -- and don't cheat don't look down oh no that is not they are actually it is the car that's in serious card. And that also that is really -- and which ones can I yell real in his hand and let's -- -- Many know that the woman the baby has got to be the sisters -- -- with the boo boos yeah days ago. I don't know Matt Lauer reminded stole the show on this -- -- -- -- that he -- -- -- -- -- Pam Anderson from the we want to talk about NBC but you know when you Wear this -- that you get on ABC -- -- This really likes those -- Israel legs and that -- him playing Baywatch is Pamela Anderson my goodness gracious who. Wow -- allowed to have the augmentation pretty impressive. And that it looks like Israel raccoon possum continues it I just had -- mother down pretty -- But he got close so what Justin Bieber by his family a new homes really. Almost as one million dollar Honda. 800 and think wow look at that gorgeous isn't politics he got it set by bedrooms in the woods cabin style. How -- -- -- Christmas is covered here there's nothing -- about it unlike his helmet cost six million dollars features a pool Peter seven bedrooms this home. It's in the small wilderness town's. 850000. Dollars. That it looks I would I would love to move and beaver family if you're looking for someone I'm happy to come -- and -- you. But it's really sweet gesture that he -- -- parents. -- I get -- just to be looked. Buying a home yeah -- for the -- good friend -- Ashton -- Get a divorce I -- army people. First now it's just been very contentious but apparently they're in the homestretch. Yet they've agreed to settle there bruising divorce battle -- two years after they separated this is course according to the page six of the New York Post and according to sources. Couple. Have been battling a pretty much ever since November 2011 but they have signed divorce paperwork. And they can file was legal documents as soon as next week when it all but it's -- -- did oil -- test Saturday. Good luck and. Just north to a little side -- side -- here I was time to get that was why he give all the money into the lawyers to get things done right Omar apparently they -- getting this -- done a. And Ashton is now the highest paid TV actor I think this team that's in that -- understanding in the I don't like to -- --

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{"id":20750455,"title":"Celebrities Go All Out for Halloween","duration":"3:51","description":"Jimmy Kimmel leads a parade of celebrities in great Halloween costumes.","url":"/WNN/video/celebrities-halloween-20750455","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}