Celebrities Show Off How They Avoided the Cold

Check out celebrity selfies and portraits from the beach.
3:00 | 02/27/14

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Transcript for Celebrities Show Off How They Avoided the Cold
-- -- -- It's getting done folks it's sad that -- each day segment here the skinny and Bold and the Beautiful celebs on the big and we begin. -- -- -- -- have no complaints here here's C Jackman not taking a break from his work out despite being at beautiful by night beach in Australia. The Wolverine looking pretty good. Once he got -- yeah -- a lot of money all of us. I didn't your medical consulting -- put a little liars dark -- Blackburn Blackburn England skinny dipping in Fiji. Those that shot that Cuba we decided that shot I feel a little bit more appropriate word televisions is -- he's gonna get -- I have to check out one out later the sun's shining brightness of celebrities and others they get. The rainbow -- check out this gorgeous picture of the Oprah Winfrey and now -- along with demand -- minutes. CFF Gayle King looks like. Absolutely amazing day on the island I want to yeah I'd like -- tag along with group. Like this one just about to keep his family photo wow have you ever -- check out Tom Brady wife Gisele Bundchen and there are normal normal -- little girl there on the beach. Just don't posted this on instead Graham but she didn't say where it was taken maybe trying to be a little bit -- there but forever and that I have a new favorite gathering Boeing Oprah I want to be in there that was just five I would promise -- you -- -- -- about in the -- this is Michelle Rodriguez doing what appears to be meditating. In the buff who painted mistaken in Thailand where the actress -- getting in a little rest and relaxation. Definitely looks relaxed setting and she's not gonna have to worry about those -- headlines right bonus -- 200 chiefly. -- I -- over and they can we take a picture of me real quick meditating naked. More on the subject of exposure we have two share our beyoncé shot of the day. -- struck -- -- in Jamaica recently ENN. Sexy ads tech -- high -- to -- pretty good choice with the new blond do you. Yeah they also showed that she knows how to take -- plunge check this out to easily brought up the top of the our new video shot by air have EG the other recent vacation. Bashing shown once again she is fearless. Pretty nice -- I -- from just be in hot hot spots the celebs you know how to get away maybe not from the paparazzi but they definitely pick the best places to get some R&R got. How close I live guess it is one of the hottest -- destinations this winter Jennifer Aniston is known to spend the titans and beating in Lexington police -- -- -- -- Of course if you have enough money can have a little more privacy like were two brands and -- this like to have -- private Caribbean -- it's -- neck -- violent threats and got back in the seventies. Three years and ten million -- later it turned it into a lavish resort. The island is usually rented out by celebrity is. Steven Spielberg Oprah Winfrey Mel Gibson. And Kate Winslet among those who determined that Natalie right after a government program -- but if you're going to be seeing instead of sexy Rio di Janeiro might be the placement. In this place is half. -- and filled with beautiful people. Evidence stars have been cited here recently Penelope Cruz and her husband. Gerard Butler has been spotted there as well as Madonna you're right not so sexy -- -- nonetheless a home on Long Island it was featured in the hit HBO show -- It is now up for rent for just 101000 dollars a month he can hang out here -- week. -- -- -- -- -- On a private three acre estate with 300 feet of -- Vito has also had a five story tower. And a -- enemies perhaps he -- capital -- other -- about paparazzi and we might be hanging at the beach but there is one thing missing. And that wouldn't say about that we come back to a single song on the glossy you know -- -- -- dare you put my singing you to everybody. And. Mom being -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":22693633,"title":"Celebrities Show Off How They Avoided the Cold","duration":"3:00","description":"Check out celebrity selfies and portraits from the beach.","url":"/WNN/video/celebrities-show-off-avoided-cold-22693633","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}