Cell Phone Addiction May Lead to Sleep Texting

Dr. Michael Gelb studies sleep disorders and says those who suffer might use drugs like Ambien.
2:45 | 09/26/13

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Transcript for Cell Phone Addiction May Lead to Sleep Texting
We've -- -- -- laying in bed trying to fall asleep and then that familiar pain that text message and email -- -- -- just have to read it here addiction to your phone may have a scary side effect that you might not remember in the morning. You've heard of sleepwalking and sleep eating and others in new phenomenon affecting people all over the globe. It's called sleep texting doctor Michael Gelb of the -- sleep center in Manhattan study sleep disorders and is treated patients for decades kids. And a lot of adults. Have iphones and droids and you always have the phone -- mattered had he -- -- buzzing in your pocket even though there's no phone there. -- a sense -- there's something a sound going because we're so attached short phones that the line is blurred between wasteful -- sleep. Disorder is most prevalent with people using a sleep medication like Ambien you -- to actress Kristin Chenoweth. He told Ellen DeGeneres. It's very. I'm Sarah as a -- -- a devastating devastating thing to see and I was watching him 11 night on hand and hand and I pleaded not as an adopt. -- -- -- We're in those early stages of sleep when we get awoke and we're not fully -- And so we're in this half way point between -- like I have -- the -- have to wait for answering checks in our sleep. And the next morning we're not really we don't remember doing it. So what can you do to prevent yourself from sleep texting there's one easy solution -- the phone down. -- it and charger but do it outside your room don't -- -- don't fall asleep with the phone in your hand you -- be in a silent room. Look cool room and a dark room. Sleep texting Amorim and now right now and cool -- -- -- -- -- and people do some. Now and then did you know there's been reports of people getting in cars all kinds -- This is the deal like you're on and CNN you're doing crazy things like texting or are you really -- like the president. Sometimes he's got -- I think yeah I mean sleep walkers and just just planes they bought their people out there -- good to have you ever -- and increasing your slave. Not like that I mean -- I got kicked and you know Michelle fizzled during dreams and stuff but -- And mumbling some incoherent not a said I got an excuse if I ever -- a drug test I would now -- I. Initially -- or it's sleep it's and Newsday and -- -- -- to our FaceBook question of the day. We want to know what is the weirdest thing you've ever done while sleeping. Keep it clean folks I share your story logon to W and advanced dot com that could get out of control and -- -- ever so we're -- -- -- ever. -- -- --

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{"id":20379118,"title":"Cell Phone Addiction May Lead to Sleep Texting","duration":"2:45","description":"Dr. Michael Gelb studies sleep disorders and says those who suffer might use drugs like Ambien.","url":"/WNN/video/cell-phone-addiction-lead-sleep-texting-20379118","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}