Cellphones a Priority in Our Lives

Cellphones considered as important as deodorant or cars to Americans.
2:54 | 07/01/14

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Transcript for Cellphones a Priority in Our Lives
And now it's time for the -- and of course cell -- are really really important and we're getting new research on just how important they are you. Americans according to a new consumers -- just released. Cell phones are considered as important as cars and deodorant and -- -- -- I -- say I have two phones and -- don't have a talk. You don't have a car I don't have a car at all nearly half of US adults 47% of us said they wouldn't last a full 24 hours without their phones. I keep it next to my face then I'm checking out middle of the night it is essential everything is on -- to my online banking FaceBook Twitter. My life is on in the work tracking device for -- -- -- ball here I have to turn in our Blackberry had just turned my Blackberry and iPhone birthday I have no I deliberated. There's a feeling yet I have to -- -- when older people take younger people behind. And it didn't take a look at -- -- seven. Think seven year old man pleaded -- -- more pushed infidelity young guns little. -- asked. The -- -- the push up competition he went down to the wire and he won. Look at the crowd at the step up their big accounting and Russian won by went to the crowd at look at -- guy and he's got a great -- looking back I'm back negative aspect. That's how -- a poem -- that really good morning hi I'm impressed he looks like he's in great shape that he doesn't like 77 Pakistan. It is just awesome. -- so if you're -- ballpark a lot. Yet so you know -- that the food has gotten just thought it strange that again because. Well but they you know they're just coming up with more and more creative ideas -- for food things you can put on a stick and we found some of the most interest -- food. Out there at the ballpark let's stop start would be. Dog eat dog here wow is that. The Detroit tigers' minor league affiliate they've added. The hot dog wrapped in a potato -- Taylor yeah that's what those are in their tofu and the next thing there's that -- could get nothing for you right. That is so cool with the west Michigan white caps have that the doggy -- -- parts -- let's move to the next one this is a bloody Mary -- the Minnesota Twins have it. So I guess you take murder off in the I think what a clever idea I love it or you just gave you mix it altogether -- -- -- it should be -- veggie burger. But -- I think it's a perfect diet -- another when the Texas Rangers they have the -- mom gets it's named after shouldn't chew chew their Korean outfielder took to win you or against -- in spite sandwich. And that I would try that would what's really amazing. It's a little bit of everything spiced with Asian spices to the Rangers do a lot of work separate food they also frozen beer -- have a pizza burger frozen pizza burger. Now another is that to -- suburban frozen beef frozen area. -- -- -- -- Those great equipment out of this morning of love coming out there -- -- -- after the.

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{"id":24375805,"title":"Cellphones a Priority in Our Lives","duration":"2:54","description":"Cellphones considered as important as deodorant or cars to Americans.","url":"/WNN/video/cellphones-priority-lives-24375805","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}