CES high-tech gadgets

Giz Wiz Dick Debartolo shares his favorite gadgets from the Las Vegas convention.
3:50 | 01/22/19

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Transcript for CES high-tech gadgets
Cougars. Welcome back every year the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas gives us a glimpse of the least most unique high tech gadgets. Dick DeBartolo think his ways he was there he joins us know some of his favorite stick good morning what do you got for us have some neat stuff I think the thing that it attracted the most attention. Was the tablet phone. Because its fold the bulls so it's called the royal flex pie. And it's a seven point eight inch tablet but you want to put it in your pocket this thing oldest fold it. All that well all my goodness. Now you have three screen jab a front screen. Are buying this screen that can take messages and then you have a back screen. It also has two cameras it was really amazing it's incredible just a little more beds in the old school but I got back how much will this you know it's already for sale in China and translating the money into American dollars. Probably in the thirteen hundred dollar range. Probably to a the end of the united so court where we have 38 OK so now you're up in the mountains earlier. Away from shore you have no cell service obvious you know why five. So this is sat taxi take this little guy. You folded down you take you cell phone you put it in there. This connects via via Bluetooth. And now using satellites 23000 miles away. You can still get and send text mess service everywhere service area exactly. And there's no monthly fee the unit is I think to 49. But we have this is really great from our first alert so this is there is smoke and called in the monoxide a lawn so you and stole these your hog widely put him in every room last year they introduced music and Alexa so you could put him in every room. Now they have goal goal. In June they gonna introduce one Lincoln. Wi-Fi rally there. So that now this can connect to your router and now these units will send Wi-Fi at all through your house says you have the mesh system saves lives and makes the whole even smarter exactly and that's June what this special guys from anchor it's called the anchor Adam. It's a thirty want to show on jury look at this little guy what he charged with all you can judge your fallen your tablet it even as helpful enough to run the new MacBook Air. And it's under thirty blocked shots a couple teriyaki content is anywhere anywhere and that's coming the end of this month. Okay what's this go about well if you paranoid. Some and yet he's younger yes Amazon devices have a mute switch on a lot of people don't you have a net had a I know the Mike isn't listening I think Alexa might be less than it did yes exactly okay. So you take this is called mute plus you pushed down on it and what does it do. It's developing. You can hear that white noise. So all the Mike here it is white noise and every time you push this button it it's ten more minutes of white noise interest thing so that is mute plus and that's 25 blocks and that's out in next week or so. Very cool. This plus they appear to finally guys this is not for you to buy this is for restaurants to buy convention centers it's called stole mate. And it's made so as you lock the door to the stole all there's a pocket therefore your phone or you'll wallet. And when you leave to unlock the door US certainly gonna see you phone is there. And you and accidentally leave it. Nor drop in on the floor right hopefully or at worst place since your next video award went as high people can't get Buteau for their forget I believe the company said ninth 19% of people do drop their phone in the in the toilet. Awesome very cool stuff Arctic thank you so much. For more go to our fraught FaceBook page at WNN band dot com or is where is done is. Stay with us you're watching world news them.

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{"duration":"3:50","description":"Giz Wiz Dick Debartolo shares his favorite gadgets from the Las Vegas convention. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"60535772","title":"CES high-tech gadgets","url":"/WNN/video/ces-high-tech-gadgets-60535772"}